15 Signs You're a Lightworker

What is a Lightworker? Top 15 Amazing Signs You’re a Epic Lightworker!

Are You a Lightworker?

A lightworker is someone who has come to Earth, especially now. They help transform the darkness into light. Although to some it may seem impossible, they are not.

Each time you choose to transform your fear-based thoughts and feelings into light, you help another person do the same thing.

As you gradually learn how to anchor more light in all of your bodies (mental, physical, emotional, spiritual), you will be able to help others do the same thing as well.

What Lightworkers Do…

A lightworker will shine in many different ways on their journey to help other people. For many of us, we had to experience the necessary contrast in our own lives to find our power, heal ourselves, to be ready to take on the task we’re on this earth to fulfill.

After healing ourselves and seeing our own inner light, we are ready to extend that same light outwards. You may be called to become a parent, medical staff, painter, meditation teacher, truck driver, actor, or Youtube influencer.

It doesn’t really matter what you become in the material world as your calling is much bigger and the ultimate impact is the transformation you create around you.

Lightworkers are everywhere in the world: they are male or female of all ages and from every culture, across this earth and beyond.

With the world heading in the direction it is, you know, you feel it is time. The fear that we had before is now replaced with excitement and hope for our future.

You have been preparing for this moment for thousands of years over several past lives. You’ve been gearing up to do this job, whatever it is for you, for humanity, You are the ultimate spiritual healers.

Signs You are a Lightworker…

Life has been Hard…

As a lightworker, you will have faced many challenges in your life. You may feel like you can’t get a break at times and that life is testing you all the time. This is because the universe is testing how much energy and strength there is inside of you.

Without these challenges, it might not be possible to see this strength in yourself or others. By being open to your own struggles, you can better understand what people face when they are in pain or struggle with something difficult and want help from someone who understands them more than anyone else.

This pain drives us to want to help those who need it most around us and make sure they don’t feel alone anymore even for just a little while.

Lightworker have faced adversity

An Intense Spiritual Awakening…

You experienced a painful and intense spiritual awakening that shifted your purpose. One that unlocked your mind and allowed you to see the world in a different way.

You saw how many people suffered from the trauma they were experiencing, yet, no one was there to help them move on from it or understand what they are feeling or going through.

You began to think about what could be changed and whether you had taken on this challenge yourself. You may have even tried out some different techniques, but you knew deep down what had to be done.

This spiritual awakening led you to a life that will always be guided by your heart and intuition about the choices that lead you forward in your path.

You are Drawn to Help Others…

The pain of others pulls at your heart, it is what has guided your path from the beginning. You can’t seem to stay away from people that are suffering and need you.

Perhaps you have spent a lot of time in hospitals volunteering or helping those who are less fortunate in some way, whatever this involves, you feel drawn to help all those around you that are going through things. You even feel the world calling you!

The Need to Fix Everything…

You feel the urge to fix everything that troubles you. You can’t stand when bad things happen, or innocent people suffer from pain in any shape or form. You feel the world calling out for help, asking you to speak up for them because they don’t know-how.

You are Unapologetic for Who You Are…

Lightworkers don’t apologize for who they are or what they believe in. They feel extremely confident about their beliefs in life and stand up for them whenever it is needed.

If you feel a connection to the universe, spiritual beings, or even animals, there will always be someone who judges your belief or tries to shove your thoughts into a box.

They shouldn’t tell you how to live your life and what you should do, as that is not something they can control. Lightworkers believe in following their own rules and will move past anyone who tries to put them down for it.

Compassionate towards Others…

A lightworker has a heart that is ready to be opened and show compassion towards people all around them. They will do this even if it means they have to give up some of their needs in order to make sure someone else feels better.

It’s about filling a void that is much greater than themselves, they are there for the world, not just themselves and those around them.

You Strive For a Better World…

You want to make the world better. You wish things were different, You have a burning desire to awaken others. You know how heavenly the experience on earth can be and you want to help free others from the hell that has been created via unconsciousness.

What is a Lightworker

You, Will, Attract Those That Seek Help…

You also have the power to be invited by others into their lives so that they can let go of some of what is holding them back. There are many people who need guidance, but don’t necessarily know where to find it or how to ask for it. As Lightworkers, we are there for people. We will help them find a path that is right for them.

Lightworker can seem like a huge title to carry around with you everywhere you go, but it’s what your heart has brought you into this life to do.

It may not be easy at times, but you will always know in the back of your mind that you are helping others and doing what is best for them.

Negative Energy Can Affect You…

As you may have guessed, this position can be a lot to take on! You will eventually burn yourself out if you don’t take care of your heart and mind. Take some time for yourself, to look after your mental health and spiritual wellbeing.

You should spend time practicing meditation, being in nature, or doing anything that breathes life back into your system again. This will help you to recharge and feel more balanced again.

Lightworkers are compassionate

You Believe in The Power of The Universe…

You know that the universe is alive and that it responds to our thoughts and emotions. You believe in the power of intention, you know that we create our own realities. So you know we can create a beautiful world that is not full of suffering.

You Are An Old Soul…

You are very wise for your age. You have an innate understanding of life and people are often confused when you seem to know so much. You are a light that is burning bright in this dark world.

You Are Wise Beyond Your Years…

You have a pearl of old-soul wisdom and may have come back to help others. You didn’t forget anything from previous lives or other worlds so you know exactly what can help others in their own journey.

This Life Is Just The Beginning of Your Higher Purpose…

You know we are eternal beings and this life is just one step in the journey. You will continue to evolve into a higher being with each life experience you encounter. No matter your age, in the physical world.

You are a Bright Light in this world

Your Spiritual Journey Is Changing your life…

This is not a game for you, it’s real. You have found an inner peace that goes beyond words and everything seems more clear to you.

As your judgment has dwindled, you are more accepting of others. You are beginning to feel the connection between all living beings and it is changing your perspective on everything around you.

You Have Found A Higher Power…

You are tapping into the power within and discovering what it feels like when that energy runs through your veins. You can channel this energy and there is less of a disconnect between yourself and the non-physical world.

You now know you are a Lightworker and the higher calling is to awaken others…

We are the Grid Workers, the transmuters, the lightkeepers, the healers, the seers that carry the blueprint that leads humanity to its divine nature.


If you identify with lightworkers or even if you don’t, the world needs your light. The time for light work is now! You are an old soul or a newbie on the spiritual journey who may have come to help awaken others and change their perspective.

As a Lightworker, it’s important that you take care of yourself so that you can be there for those who need guidance and support through this life experience.

More than likely, if you have read this article up until now then one thing has become clear: deep down inside, we all know what our higher calling is in this lifetime-to help make the world a better place by waking people up from unconsciousness. In order to do so effectively as lightworkers, however, we must first wake ourselves!

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