The Spiritual Fatigue Solution: How To Overcome Soul Exhaustion During The Awakening Process!

Fatigue During a Spiritual awakening

Spiritual Fatigue During a Spiritual Awakening is Soul Exhaustion…

Going through a Spiritual Awakening can cause soul exhaustion, so it’s important to stay well-rested. But what if you don’t feel like sleeping? What can you do about spiritual fatigue during a Spiritual Awakening?

More than likely, the first thing that comes to mind is “What can I take for fatigue?” That’s fine, but there are some other things you may not have thought of that may help more as you move through this ascension flu.

One of the interesting things about Spiritual Awakening is how well-rested you can feel even when your body is exhausted. This phenomenon occurs because the physical side of fatigue cannot coexist with an awakened Mind and Spirit.

What this means is that the moment we recognize our tiredness as a sign that we may be going into or through a Spiritual Awakening, the tiredness vanishes.

Another interesting thing about Spiritual Awakening is that our bodies can go on working at a very high level of energy without any noticeable fatigue.

This too is evidence of the incompatibility between physical fatigue and spiritual wakefulness. However, even though you feel great physically, it’s important to pay attention to your body if you feel tired.

Let go of any thoughts that the fatigue may be the onset of your Spiritual Awakening, and get to bed (or at least take a nap if you can). If you try to push through it, you could make yourself sick or get injured.

If you do wake up exhausted in the morning, don’t get frustrated. You are probably allowing yourself to go through a Spiritual Awakening. Be gentle with yourself, give your body the rest it needs, and stay grounded by meditating.

Use these simple tools to rebalance yourself back into optimal wakefulness.

1. Sleep! Sleeping when you are tired is the easiest way to keep yourself rested throughout your Spiritual Awakening. If you can’t sleep, take a quick nap; it will refresh your mind and revive your spirit in no time.

2. Meditation This may not be what you want to hear, but meditation is perhaps the most important thing you can do to stay well-rested. It will ground you and keep you in the moment, allowing your Spiritual Awakening to occur without throwing off your physical body.

3. Diet During a Spiritual Awakening, it’s especially important that you eat nutrient-rich foods that are easy for your body to digest. You can make some delicious smoothies or increase the amount of fresh fruit and vegetables you eat.

4. Exercise Exercise is another great way to get through a Spiritual Awakening. Don’t go overboard, but try to get some simple light exercise in each day. Yoga, walking, and running are some of the best activities for helping you rejuvenate during your Spiritual Awakening period.

Your Body is also Changing

During this period you may feel fatigued due to a previously poor diet, listen to your body and use this as a signal it is time to change your diet for the better.

Many spiritual people find that simply changing their diet from processed foods full of chemicals and preservatives to organic food without additives can be a major contributor to improved health and energy levels. For those people who are willing, fasting or juice diets can have amazing results too.

Is it normal to feel tired during an Awakening?

You learning to be present with yourself, it is normal to feel tired, sleep when you feel tired if you feel like doing nothing, then do nothing! You are processing a lot of energy through the body, if you are unsure of what to do, then meditate.

Mind body changes

Many people use meditation as a way of staying present with themselves throughout the day, this is very grounding and centering for your body-mind-spirit connection. Meditation can be practiced anywhere at any time, all you need is a quiet space and yourself.

It is like a Rebirth…

If you have ever experienced giving birth then you know how exhausting it can be, the Awakening is similar to rebirth and all humans will go through it at some point. As part of spiritual growth, we will need to be born twice, once when we come into this world, and again when we are healing and shedding the pain. The beast of a burden we were dealt by others in their state of unawareness.

1. Spiritual Awakening is a time of increased sensitivity to energy and emotions, as well as an opening up to the subtle energies in oneself and others.

2. It can feel like you are walking around with your head above water, so it feels like you are always thinking about something or worrying about this or that, giving yourself a headache.

3. Without a doubt you will have some emotional manifestations, for example, feelings of anxiety or irritability due to the great change going on in your life at this time.

4. You may also experience aches and pains in the body that come and go, you might feel like you want to cry but can’t cry, you might feel like you want to be alone but at the same time, you need other people around you. This is all part of the great change that is happening in your life at this time.

5. You will probably find yourself feeling lonely for no reason and yet not wanting to be amongst other people, again this is normal because during this time you are experiencing so much change in your life, that it is difficult to relate to others around you who are not going through the same changes.

Things that help Spiritual Fatigue…

Spiritual Awakening can be an incredibly beautiful thing, however, it is also very tiring. There are many ways to help yourself cope with the tiredness that you might feel during these times.

1. It is important to look after your own needs and take care of yourself first, do not let other people’s responsibilities be yours for this will only hinder spiritual ascension.

2. Give yourself plenty of time to do the things you need, don’t rush into things or feel that you have to get something done in a certain time period.

3. Try stopping throughout the day and observing your breath, this can help to center you when you are feeling scattered in different parts.

4. Listen to your body, if you feel like doing nothing, then do it; meditation is not about getting it right or being the perfect meditator. Meditation is about learning how to be still and sit with yourself in a natural way. Allowing everything that arises within the moment to come and go as they happen without judgment.

5. Spend time in nature, this is the best way to re-energize your spirit and to feel connected again with yourself and others around you.

Spiritual awakening

6. Take regular breaks throughout the day, get up from your desk stretch, walk around to clear your head if possible go outside for a moment. Try not to let yourself get overwhelmed with feelings of stress or depression. If you feel like this try spending some time in nature, drinking plenty of water, and allow yourself to rest if needed.

7. You might find that during the day your energy levels are very up and down; this is normal it is because during these periods our energy can be all over the place.

8. Try not to be too hard on yourself, this is a very natural part of life and in time you will find a balance between being an active person and learning how to sit with yourself. It takes practice but it is possible.

9. Lastly, remember that these changes are for your own good. You are becoming your highest version. If you feel you need help, please reach out!

The period of Spiritual Awakening can be exhausting, however, it is necessary for opening up to another level of consciousness within yourself. You will find that you are more sensitive to energy and your surroundings; which means that you will need time to rest and recuperate after this beautiful yet tiring journey has finished.

It is important to remember that the changes going on in your life are for your own benefit and to live a happy, balanced life with yourself is very important. It takes practice but you will find your way.

Love & Light

Fatigue during spiritual awakening


Below is a message from one of my clients, he wanted to share to encourage you on your path!!

Not too long ago, I was going through a period of spiritual awakening. It was tough and exhausting but I know it’s worth it because I’ll be a better person after going through this process.

On the first day after the spiritual awakening period, I felt great. But then, the fatigue set in. First, there was anxiety or irritability from the great change that is happening in my life at this time.

Then followed feelings of agony and pain which came and went even though they weren’t physical pains. Finally, there were feelings of loneliness for no reason and not wanting to be around people again, even though I knew it was something that others go through as well.

I have dealt with these different things by taking care of myself and doing things that make me feel good again. I’ve stopped beating myself up for feeling things because I know it’s a natural part of my spiritual awakening journey. I also take regular breaks during the day to relax and re-center myself with meditation and deep breaths. Being in nature is great too, which brings back the spiritual connection that we all need.

Connecting with others is still hard, especially when I’m feeling lonely and tired. But here are the ways that I’ve been coping:

*Stop pushing myself to do things as I used to before spiritual awakening started happening for me.

*Try not to get overwhelmed by anxiety and other feelings because it will only make things worse.

*Spend time in nature and with people to reconnect back with myself and others. Doing activities helps too like gardening, cooking, or even just taking a walk.

Take care of yourself and remember that you’re going through something beautiful but also potentially soul and physically exhausting. There’s nothing wrong with getting tired and wanting to take breaks. There’s nothing wrong with not wanting to be around people or doing things like you used to.

You are on the journey of a lifetime and it’s ok if you feel lonely because everyone goes through these things in their own time. It will get easier! Just stay strong, love yourself, and do what makes you happy!”


Embodiment Coach Vishnu Ra
Vishnu Ra

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