12 Fascinating Authentic Empowered Types of Empaths in 2024!

Different Types of Empaths: 12 Empowering Empaths

An Empath can carry the senses to feel what others are projecting. The energy is felt and the empath can see through the eyes of other human beings…

There are many Powerful types of empaths on this planet who can read other people’s feelings, and each person is different. Some people may be more sensitive to one type of feeling than another.

For example, some empaths may be more sensitive to emotions like anger or sadness while others might be able to feel things like hope or love clearer.

Empaths might also have a good ability to read someone’s emotions depending on what type they are. Empaths have a lot of emotional reactions, and they are more sensitive than other people. The Heyoka empath is the most powerful because it can feel everything and it also read minds.

The Heyoka Empath is the most powerful type on the planet. If you are a Heyoka Empath, Congratulations!!! You have very special abilities.

Let’s Dive into the different types of empaths

1) As above, so below, The Heyoka Empath is a type of empath who does not follow the normal rules. Heyoka has the power to make people question themselves and this helps them heal.

Heyoka Empaths are very aware of their thoughts and are not easily duped therefore they do not take on the toxicity others try to dump onto them, rather they mirror it back to the projector for them to carry their burdens.

2) Many have Psychic abilities. The Psychic Medium Empath can communicate with people who are no longer with us. They can hear them, too. Psychics can see spirits sometimes while working with them in direct contact.

3) The Emotional Empath can feel and read the emotions of others. They are especially good at feeling others’ emotions, without anyone telling them what’s wrong.

Although this is one of the biggest challenges for them, it is also one of their gifts. If you’re an Empath and your emotion reading abilities are especially strong, you may need to control your thoughts and emotions more than others usually do.

4) The Spiritual Empath has a high level of sensitivity. They can pick up on things in their energy field most people can’t. They do not let their sensitivity control them and it doesn’t make them weaker, on the contrary, they learn how to love themselves and perceive their natural gifts more.

5) The Natural Empath is very common among people who develop empathy at a relatively young age. They simply experience things such as smells, sounds, and external stimuli very intensely.

6) The Interdimensional Empath is the type of person who can empathize with almost everything, including plants and objects. They are very connected to their “inner self” (or possibly other entities)and are also known as the plant empath.

Spiritual empath
authentic empath

These people often display telepathic abilities. Some of them refer to themselves as healers or shamans. They use their senses to feel the pain of others and often want to protect those they see as vulnerable.

7) The Energetic Empath is also a common type of empath. They simply absorb energy (positive or negative), that comes into contact with them. When an energetic empath meets another person, they immediately feel the energy of that person’s vibe and adapt themselves accordingly.

8) The Heart Empath is one of the most common empaths. They are here to spread love and light (and positivity). Their greatest strength is their loving heart that always seeks to heal any pain they sense around them.

9) The Geomantic Empath is someone who can read signs and signals from the soil or earth. They are especially sensitive to future natural disasters, such as hurricanes and earthquakes. Geomantic empaths can detect these changes by reading the signals of energy in the earth.

10) The Animal Empath also known as a (Fauna Empath) can empathize with almost any animal, they even seem able to communicate telepathically with all types of animals.

They sense how animals feel and think. This type of empath has no problem communicating with wild animals. They are a good judge of character at first glance.

Heyoka Empath

11) The Intuitive Empath means you can know if and what needs to be done in a situation without any solid evidence. Intuitive empaths can sense the energy of others and read people very easily. They follow their intuition without worrying too much about if they are wrong. They trust what they feel in the direction they going in.

12) A Psychometric Empath can get information from objects and make good guesses about people’s lives. They can also get energy from a place or object to know more about it.

Empaths are Earths Angels

Empaths are people who help others and who feel emotions in a way others do not. They care about other people in ways that most cannot and often do things for them before they do anything for themselves.

They sometimes get tired when they do this because caring so much can be hard work. Empaths are very passionate about things that mean something to them.

Empaths are people who are highly sensitive to the world around them. They will take on other people’s feelings and carry the burden on others if they can.

If you are an empath, then it can be hard for you to deal with your feelings, so you mustn’t take on too much of the world’s problems. This can lead to depression and chronic fatigue because of their emotional nature and need for time alone.

12 empowering empaths
are there different types of empaths

Empaths are people who have a very different take on life from other people. They do not think the same way as everyone else, and they often get frustrated because of this.

Some Empath types can get bored easily if their mind is not stimulated, but it’s difficult for them to focus when they need to learn something new. This can lead to frequent daydreaming. They are also very passionate people, and they will feel love in a way no one else can.

By nature, they are very sensitive. They often think about other people’s feelings before they think about their own, which makes it hard when other people take advantage of them or when the empath is too worried about other people to focus on their problems.

Empaths also have a hard time describing how they feel because it’s often not as simple as most people think, and an empath might only know that something is wrong with them but not be able to pinpoint what it is or why it’s happening.

Empaths Need a Self-Care Practice

Empaths are often tempted to turn to drugs or alcohol to cope with the world around them, but this is not a healthy solution because it only exacerbates the problem. Drinking too much can make empaths feel more overwhelmed, which makes it difficult for them to focus on their problems.

They need to take steps to avoid becoming overwhelmed and bitter about the world around them. They should be mindful of how much social time they have, where that social time is spent, and who they spend that time with.

Empaths will do best when they learn how to set boundaries and stand up for themselves, as well as be supportive of others while also remaining true to their values. Empaths need to have a small circle of friends who truly understand them and can be there for them emotionally. Dr. Judith Orloff has an amazing Empath survival guide that has been shared with the world, it is worth reading if you are interested.

Final Thoughts…

Using the list above I hope this helps you better understand what it means to be an empath. This is by no means a complete list of all types of empaths, but it’s something that should help you understand what being an Empath means.

I have worked with hundreds of Empaths and they are truly the most beautiful souls walking this planet!!

If anything I hope this helps you realize that if you are feeling lonely or isolated even though you are surrounded by people, Know that there are a lot of people on this planet just like you out there, and as EMPATHS, we will UNITE!!

Namaste 🙂

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