Change Limiting Beliefs And You Will Change Your Life!

Mastering Your Limiting Beliefs

What are limiting beliefs and how will mastering your limiting beliefs benefit you?

Limiting beliefs are thoughts and ideas that we have about the world around us, which can cause us to think or behave differently from how other people would.

Limitations stem from past experiences, lessons learned, and general incorrect assumptions that we make about life.

Limitations can be made up of many other smaller limitations, such as negative thinking, lack of money, and failure to make a connection with another human being.

Limitations can be based upon what we believe, and what we think is possible or impossible. Limiting beliefs are the things that hold us back from achieving our goals, desires, and dreams.

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Most people have limiting concepts, but they are unaware of them without knowing them. Limiting beliefs doesn’t only apply to us as individuals, but they can also apply to groups of people (e.g., race, nationality).

For example; if one person is told that he is inferior because of his skin color or gender, then there is a larger chance that he will believe that statement even if it is not true.

Self-limiting beliefs are rooted in false ideas, and once the belief has been established, people tend to act upon that belief without question.

Limiting beliefs can also be self-sabotaging; for example; “I am no good at writing” (a common limiting belief), which precludes someone from ever sitting down to write something.

Limiting beliefs are self-reinforcing statements, which makes them even more difficult to get rid of.

Everyone has limiting beliefs in different areas of their lives, but it can be hard to recognize them for what they are because one may have lived with the same limiting belief for so long that it becomes ingrained in their core.

Limiting beliefs are self-sabotaging, in that they prevent us from getting what we want in life, no matter how hard we try.

Limitations can be overcome by removing them via a process of deep introspection and self-analysis, which will allow you to discover the root cause of the limiting belief itself.

Self Mastery Starts - Re-Programming Beliefs
Self Mastery Starts – Re-Programming Beliefs

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs?

Your limiting beliefs are the ideas that you consistently think about yourself. Limiting beliefs can be changed by using affirmations or listening to subliminal messages like the ones found on this website.

Limiting beliefs are often negative, which can hold us back because they’re not useful. When we constantly think about these limiting beliefs then our subconscious mind takes them as truth and we may not be able to achieve what we want in life.

What can you do if you have negative thoughts that are holding you back? I like to use mindfulness to consciously think about what is happening in my mind and challenge those thoughts. If they’re not beneficial, I just let them go and focus on something more essential or good.

Limiting Beliefs Can be Changed…

Some people might find it hard to believe that limiting beliefs can be changed but they do and I’m living proof of it. How can we change limiting beliefs?

Another approach is to use affirmations to assist us in reprogramming our subconscious minds, which will result in these new good ideas being etched into our brains for eternity.

If we focus solely on our limiting beliefs then that’s all we will ever think about and as a result, we won’t be able to do anything at all. How can you challenge negative thoughts? One of the most effective ways to do so is by writing down all of your limiting beliefs.

If you want to change these thoughts then you have to start doing things differently and write down the actions that you need to take for your life to become different.

You need to be committed when it comes to changing your limiting beliefs otherwise nothing will change at all. If you put your mind to it and remain committed then everything will happen naturally and this would be for the better.

For example, if you want to change how much money you earn, then write down actions such as getting a promotion or working additional hours on top of that which you already do without expecting anything in return.

This means that you should not expect a raise in return for the extra work that you do at your job.

If you want to be more confident then find out what makes people confident and write it down but don’t expect these changes to happen overnight because they won’t.

Expecting immediate results is one of the biggest mistakes we make – we resist change and as a result, nothing happens.

Change your limited beliefs
In my Coaching practice, I bring a Level of Certainty to my Clients!!

Top 9 Ways to Change Your Limiting Mindset

1. Open your mind to the possibilities of abundance around you

Be open to new ideas and seek out every opportunity possible. Never say no unless you have a valid reason for saying so, never ignore something because you’re too scared of what could happen, and never be afraid to try something new.

We are either limiting ourselves or we are going to experience everything, when we are open-minded we create different experiences, when we are closed off, it is just living out the same limited patterns every day.

2. Eliminate negative people from your life.

Negative people can make you feel worse than anyone else ever could. Even if they don’t mean to, the things that come out of their mouths are always going to put you in a bad mood or make you angry as hell because it’s in their nature.

They’re always going to be pessimistic and they’re never going to say something good about anything in life, ever.

They can talk all day long but it’s not going to change your life or make you a better person, it’s only going to bring you down and make things worse for yourself because when you surround yourself with negative people you become negative yourself.

If you want good results, surround yourself with positive people and try to stay away from any negative energy because it’ll only hold you back and bring you down when in reality, we all need that extra push to go further in life.

3. Write your goals down on a piece of paper

And place them somewhere where you will always see them.

It’s so important to have a goal in life and it’s also very important to write your goals down. This way you can stay motivated because whenever you look at those words, that is exactly what you’ll be thinking about.

You’ll be reminded of the bigger picture and that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

You’ll also be able to remember those goals every day and not forget about them as easily as if you didn’t write them down.

If your dreams don’t become a reality then you will always wonder why and that’s why writing them down is so important whenever you look at those words, you will be reminded of what you want to accomplish.

4. Think positive thoughts every single day.

Positive thinking brings positive change in life because whatever you think about, will eventually become your reality. If you always put yourself into that negative mindset then nothing good can ever come out of it and it’ll just lead to more pessimism.

When everything is starting to look bad and you’re going through a rough patch, simply think about the good things in life.

Imagine yourself happy and successful, living your best life because that is what you deserve or at least it’s somewhere on your list of goals. Think about all the amazing things in your life right now and how everything could be so much better.

If you get rid of all the negativity and replace it with positive thinking, your life will get better and you might even get a few surprises along the way that could help you boost yourself up even more than before.

That’s why we need to think positively every single day because then we will start seeing everything in a different light and it will help us become more optimistic and happy as well as motivated.

5. Talk with people about your goals as often as possible.

You should make it a point to talk about your goals as much as you can because that’s the best way of making them happen. If you’re the only person who knows what you truly want, how is it ever going to come true?

The only person who knows which goals are truly important to you is yourself but if you keep them to yourself, how will anything ever change?

Talking about your goals with other people will make it easier for you to stick with them because then there’s someone else besides you who is invested in making sure they become a reality.

Talk about the bigger picture with others and make them a part of your journey. By doing this it will also be easier for you because then you have the chance to vent when things get tough or if you’re feeling down at any point in time during your journey.

6. Let go of all the negative thought processes in your head.

As much as possible, try to let go of all the negative thoughts in your head because they are detrimental to your becoming successful. If you listen to those pessimistic thoughts then chances are that you’ll never be able to become successful at anything ever again.

You have to push those thoughts out of your mind every single day because if you don’t, it will eventually become a part of who you are and that is not what you want. You have to understand that for your dreams to come true, you need to be positive otherwise nothing good will ever happen.

You might think it’s easy but when you sit down and think about it, it can be very difficult because all those negative thoughts are already lodged in your head and you will have to push them out of there without having a break.

You will have to be strong and believe in yourself because if you don’t, it’s going to make achieving success a lot more difficult than it has to be. It will also take a lot longer for you to become successful but the time is going to pass anyway, whether you want it or not.

7. Be grateful for what you have.

Another very important thing that we should do is to be grateful for everything we already have because a lot of people don’t realize how lucky they are and take things for granted. We all should learn how to be more thankful for the small things in life because it’s those small things that can make us happy.

We should also be grateful for all of the people we meet along the way and that is why we need to give them a chance to help us out or at least do something nice for them just so they will feel appreciated and cared about.

8. Be willing to fail.

If we want to become successful it’s going to be inevitable that we fail at one point or another. But before you start thinking of your failures as a bad thing, realize that if you didn’t fail then you probably wouldn’t have ever learned the things that you know now and chances are, you would not have been able to learn them without making mistakes.

Your failures can also teach you a lot of important lessons that you will need to learn to become successful and if you are never willing to fail then how are you ever going to succeed? You have to change the way you think about failure otherwise success is just going to pass right by your front door.

Once you start thinking about failure as a good thing, you will make it a lot easier for yourself to overcome those mistakes and learn from them. You might not be able to change your failures but you can certainly change the outcome of what they lead to by learning how to become better at whatever it is that you’re trying to do.

9. Take action.

Lastly, you need to take action because it will be the only way in which you’ll ever achieve your goals.

A lot of people think that just thinking about what they want is enough but it’s not, and instead, it will lead them nowhere. Thinking about something is not going to make it come true unless you know exactly what you have to do for that thing to happen.

If you are not willing to take any action then there is a chance that it might never come true, even if you do think about it every single day.

So instead of just standing still and hoping everything will work out on its own, at least try working towards your goals so you will know for sure that you are on the right path.

It will be difficult at first but if you follow these simple steps every day then it’s going to become a lot easier because your subconscious mind will drive you towards success, no matter how long it takes.

All you have to do is begin seeing the opportunity in every experience that comes into your life, learn how to be grateful for having it, don’t fear it, and embrace it. Even if it is painful and scary, embrace it instead of fearing it and you will overcome everything you set out to do!

Empowering beliefs

In The End…

It’s time to open your mind and change limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from achieving success. How do you start? By taking action by using the tips we’ve shared in this article, which include:

Reprogramming the subconscious mind with a new empowering belief. How gratitude will help lift you to higher frequencies. How failure is inevitable but can also be a good thing that leads to learning important lessons.

The one step that should always be taken when it comes to becoming successful- take action! If these sound like things that could benefit you then sign up for more free inspirational articles.

We’re happy to partner with anyone who wants to work 1 | 1 with Vishnu on how they can identify their limiting beliefs so they can learn how to reprogram them to achieve their dreams.


Embodiment Coach Vishnu Ra
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