Learn The Art of Just Being: The Way To Authenticity

Just Being The Authentic Self

Understanding The Authentic Self and Just Being…

It’s time to get real. You are a multifaceted being with a complex mind and spirit. And you deserve to live in your authentic truth – free from the confines of societal expectations. In this blog post, I’ll go over how you can live without worrying about impressing anyone but yourself. Let’s get started on Just Being!!

Nature of “Just Being” Social

I know I am not the only one who has realized this. Science proves it. Our hearts are not just for pumping blood, it also provides our lungs with oxygen. We are one constant living, breathing body.

We are more than these things of materialism – of high schools and public schools and math exams. We are whole human beings – scientists, artists, philosophers, writers, lovers, logical and illogical.

We are individuals with our thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and characteristics. The trick is to identify this magic inside of us. This light gets trapped in the prison of misdirection and conditioning brought on by society to prevent one’s evolution.

I am graced with knowing many people who have succeeded in breaking free from the cycle of living half their lives; searching for happiness outside themselves – usually through drugs or other distractions which further perpetuate brainwashing into consumerism.

These people do not subscribe to the concept of social reality as most do, they live it day to day through an understanding of stillness in one’s spiritual self.

Meditation gives you insight; Yoga helps rid your body of stress while balancing your Chakras; Reiki heals spiritual wounds allowing you to accept love unconditionally while also learning to heal yourself with your own hands.

People who practice these things are not doing it for the sake of fad or trend. They have been touched by a power -they’re doing it because that is their lifestyle. They have learned to lead by example through true self-knowledge and wisdom.

It has made them whole human beings, without the constant need to detach through drugs or physical distractions like most of us do when we reach a crossroads in life – which usually means buying more (materialism) or bypassing life altogether.

We are our only saviors; humanity’s salvation is found within each person, liberation comes once you learn how to unlock your mind and experience true freedom, and happiness follows like ripples after a pebble falls into a pond.

We are all connected so why fight against it? If we were to collectively choose a way of life that is of freedom, what would stand in our way?

Self-Improvement Survival!

You’re tired of feeling bad, and experiencing personal and social chaos? Yeah, you’re not alone. Welcome to the club! Pretty much everyone on this planet is living with varying degrees of egoism. We often act contrary to what we don’t want or need because we think we can get away with it.

This is our ultimate downfall. It’s not that we disagree with society; it’s because we’ll do anything even to our detriment for the payoff of being right.

Let me tell you a few things, every day billions of people all over the world survive on egocentricity and selfishness producing a cultural and social interaction vortex that severely disrupts and distorts the present-day reality. The energy we attract is equivalent to what we project.

As human beings, we are so powerful, because of our ability to transform and/or distort ourselves, others, and our environment by the quality of energy we emanate.

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Currency of The Soul

Soul currency is a currency that cannot be stolen or taken. All currency given from the heart is soul currency, especially when it is given freely without conditions. True worth isn’t found in bank accounts, possessions, or positions.

It’s found in the language we speak and use to express ourselves. We all have the potential for a limitless abundance of energy and we can all tap into it anytime we want. We just need to open our minds and realize that we already have it.

Having money isn’t the problem, believing you don’t have enough is. Your worth is not at the bank but in the mind.

We each have a currency of the soul which is infinite. It can’t be confiscated or taxed by anyone, it is yours and only yours to control. A government is powerless to regulate it with laws because it’s an amount that you choose to give or take from yourself.

Mindfulness practice
Mindfulness practice

You may have given some away but rest assured it’s still inside and available to you at any time. When you realize how important it is, your desire will grow and never dwindle until this currency of the soul has been spent.

If another tries to steal something saying that you are selfish because you don’t want to give it away, begin by giving more. The reason they are taking from you is that you are still holding on to some.

The currency of the soul is the only real wealth that exists. It’s also known as love, light, beauty, power, or intelligence. All shares of these are worth more than all the paper money in the world put together.

They can’t be burned, devalued by inflation, or devalued by trading. The more you give away, the more people will like and respect you. It’s the only investment that will never lose its value and it is one of the things that can’t be taken away from you under any circumstances.

The currency of the soul is infinite and self-replenishing and it does not require a counterparty to make transactions, it requires authenticity. Authenticity requires Just Being!!

Freedom in Discovery to Just Be

We are multi-dimensional beings. We have the potential for so much more.

By design, the parameters of social reality prohibit us from becoming aware and aligned with the transcendental qualities that lie within our authentic selves.

Our authoritarian society primarily stimulates our body and mind as a form of distraction, manipulation, and oppression to maintain dominion over humanity. The authentic self becomes suppressed and irrational.

Only our enlightened emotion and intuition can free us from the spell of social reality. Our quest for creativity, healing, fulfillment, and purpose begins with us. We must embrace and illuminate the shadows within to transform ourselves. It starts with choosing an authentic living environment.

We can be more than we think, don’t let the parameters of social reality prohibit us from doing more. To maintain its reign over humanity, social reality must utilize our bodies and minds as a form of distraction, manipulation, and oppression.

People who are truly interested in becoming better versions of themselves won’t be deterred by the fact that they’re not seeing much movement. As long as you continue to work on yourself, your intellectual muscles will strengthen over time, allowing you to reach a higher level of awareness.

Only the light of our awakened emotion and intuition can break the mindless enchantment of social reality. Our quests for creativity, healing, compassion, and purpose begin with us. We need to embrace the shadows within ourselves to transform ourselves.

Illusion of Enlightenment

We have been conditioned to believe that enlightenment is something to work towards, or be achieved “someday.” We are already enlightened.

We must break free from the social programming that has been used to fragment our natural selves. The real meaning of our worldwide energy is diminished when we choose to believe more in who the world makes us and less in who we truly are.

Humanity has been on a long journey. Our evolution is the result of many factors, including our response to a stimulus. Understanding why we are here and what is happening can be explained through observation, experience, and study.

Spirituality teachings that have survived the test of time clearly show us how our present state came into being, without judgment or blame, and what we can do to end our suffering.

They provide a key that opens a door into the unknown, where there exists great potential for those who are willing to consider new possibilities.

Active listening in relationship
Active listening in relationship

Just Be as You Are in Stillness

Being is a revolutionary act. It’s the only way we can put our souls on display. The difference between being and doing is significant, and it illuminates our level of forgetfulness.

Personal change is inspired by the option between routine and unusual. We’re all endowed with senses, instincts, ideas, emotions, and intuition to some degree.

The more sensitive you become to your inner self, the more familiar it feels. The more familiar this quality of becoming, the less dependent you are on living up to a status quo.

Cultivate an attitude of “being” as opposed to “doing” because what you’ll discover is that everything else will take care of itself. For change to manifest, it must be preceded by a willingness to accept what is.

To achieve this objective, we need to take the initiative to settle into ourselves and allow that which is within us to find its way out. The process of personal evolution necessitates that we give ourselves permission to release our past and simply BE as we are now.

Being might not transform you into a better version, but it will alter how you perceive and make sense of your reality.

Being is underrated, especially when living in the world we live in today. We focus on our appearance, what we want to do with our lives, and who we plan to become; yet staying grounded in the here and now is powerful.

Being is about stripping away everything we were told we should be and understanding that our true nature is in the heart.

Being allows us to take in, process, and embrace life in a way that experiencing it never will. Being helps us realize that we’re not just reacting to every situation in our lives; rather, we have a choice. We want to respond from a place of being because it’s so much more fulfilling.

Being is an active, mindful process that allows us to be fully aware and awake while present in the moment. It’s about taking the time out of our day to stop and acknowledge what we’re feeling inside at any given point in time.

This concept can help us ground ourselves when we feel overwhelmed or anxious. We can bring ourselves back to the present moment by asking,

“What do I need right now? How am I feeling at this particular point in time?”

Being is about learning how to be honest with yourself and aligning your thoughts, words, and deeds accordingly. It’s also having the courage to open up to the unknown, to embrace the darkness and uncertainty with an appreciation for what you do know.

We make things harder than they need to be because we’re conditioned to think that life should always feel good, but this mindset is detrimental.

Acceptance of imperfection is what will set us free. If we can open up our hearts and minds and come into contact with our souls, we can live and love more expansively and unconditionally.

We don’t have to be anyone but ourselves because that’s what life is all about; living as who we were born to be. It’s simpler than we make it out to be; the only requirements are authenticity and vulnerability.

Living in Dimensions

Our being is Multi-dimensional. Our physical bodies and minds are obvious necessities for interacting with society. Our heart generates a tremendous electromagnetic essence that goes beyond our physical senses. It sends out limitless, worldwide energy.

Our soul is the source of our life force and transmits it through the chakra system of dimensions. Our chakras distribute this energy throughout our daily lives. The type of energy that emanates from our chakras is determined by who we choose to be.

It is essential to maintain an equilibrium between our souls, hearts, minds, and bodies to have a connection with the world.

Energy of Torus

We all have a continuous energy field called a ‘torus’ that circulates energy from the center where our being is strong. Like inhaling and exhaling in a conscious breath, it radiates and recycles energy in an eternal ebb and flow.

Our chakra system operates with the energy currents of the universe making it the sustenance of our life force. It is also the origin of our creativity and its actualization. Our torus can transform into a vessel for expansion and expression of consciousness if we are aware of it.

Mindfulness walking through nature
Mindfulness walking through nature


We are so much more than we have been led to believe, and our energy is not restricted by the parameters of our common sense or conventional intellect. When we utilize all aspects of our being, we create an infinite supply of power.

To unleash our emotions and live from our gut intuition is a necessity. We are multi-dimensional humans endowed with the natural capacity to enlighten ourselves and our social environment. We are everything we will ever need!

The Source

This is just the beginning. Yes, the universe is made entirely of energy, but your consciousness can help you to focus that energy to suit your needs. You are not just a passive recipient – you have the power to be a creator!

The only means by which we may attain our fulfillment is through intuition. Your destiny is up to you, and it consists of reaching your extraordinary capacity to be an energetic river of universal possibility. Everything you’ve been, are, or will ever be is a realization of your conscious energy!

Practical Advice for a Balanced Life

The concept of “Just Being” – living in the present moment with authenticity and mindfulness – can be transformative. Yet, achieving this state often seems elusive. Let’s explore practical steps to make “Just Being” a reality in our lives.

1. Practical Mindfulness Techniques: A Gateway to “Just Being”

Mindful Breathing:


  • Getting Started: Find a quiet place to sit or lie down. Close your eyes to minimize distractions.
  • Focus on Breath: Pay attention to your breath. Notice the air entering through your nose, filling your lungs, and then gently leaving your body. Feel the natural pause between each breath.
  • Body Awareness: Observe how each breath affects your body. Does your chest rise? Do your shoulders relax? Feel the subtle movements.


  • Stress Reduction: By focusing on your breath, you shift attention away from stressors, which can lower stress levels.
  • Increased Awareness: This practice enhances your awareness of the present moment, anchoring you in the ‘now’.
  • Emotional Regulation: Regular mindful breathing can help regulate emotions, leading to a calmer and more balanced state of mind.

Mindful Walking:


  • Preparation: Choose a peaceful place for your walk, like a park or a quiet neighborhood street.
  • Conscious Steps: Walk slowly and deliberately. Feel each foot as it touches the ground and lifts again.
  • Engage Your Senses: Notice the environment around you. What do you see? Can you hear birds or the rustle of leaves? Are there any scents in the air?
  • Mindful Observation: If your mind wanders, gently bring your attention back to your walking and the sensations you are experiencing.


  • Connection with Nature: This practice fosters a deeper connection with the natural world, enhancing your sense of belonging in the universe.
  • Physical Health: Mindful walking is not only good for your mental health but also benefits your physical health by promoting gentle exercise.
  • Clarity and Creativity: The combination of physical movement and mindfulness can lead to clearer thinking and heightened creativity.

Both mindful breathing and walking are foundational mindfulness practices. They are simple yet powerful tools that can be used by anyone, anywhere, to cultivate a state of “Just Being.” Regularly incorporating these techniques into your routine can lead to profound changes in how you experience your life and interact with the world around you.

2. Managing Discomfort in the Journey to Self-Discovery

Acknowledging Discomfort:

Key Point: Feeling uneasy is a natural part of self-growth. It’s important to recognize that discomfort can be a catalyst for change rather than an obstacle to avoid.


  • Pause and Reflect: When discomfort arises, take a moment to pause. This break allows you to step back and observe your feelings without immediate reaction.
  • Mindful Acceptance: Acknowledge these feelings without judgment. Understand that discomfort is not inherently negative; it’s a signal from your inner self.
  • Redirecting Focus: Gently bring your attention back to the present. This could be through focusing on your breath, the sensations in your body, or the environment around you.

Learning from Discomfort:

Insight: Discomfort is a powerful guide that can highlight areas in our lives that require attention, adaptation, or change. It’s an opportunity to deeply understand our reactions and what they signify.


  • Self-Inquiry: Ask yourself what the discomfort is telling you. Is it related to a fear, an experience, or a suppressed desire?
  • Journaling: Writing down your thoughts and feelings can provide clarity and insights into your growth journey.
  • Seeking Feedback: Sometimes discussing your feelings with a trusted friend or therapist can offer a new perspective and help in understanding the root cause of your discomfort.

3. Balancing Self-Care with Care for Others

Self-Care as a Foundation:

Principle: Self-care is essential for maintaining your well-being, which in turn allows you to be fully present and supportive in your relationships with others.


  • Regular Routines: Incorporate activities like meditation, yoga, or mindfulness into your daily routine. These practices help in centering your mind and body.
  • Physical Health: Engage in regular physical exercise and maintain a balanced diet. Physical health significantly impacts mental and emotional well-being.
  • Time for Relaxation: Allocate time for activities that you enjoy and that relax you, whether it’s reading, taking a bath, or spending time in nature.

Extending Care to Others:

Approach: When you’re grounded and at peace with yourself, you can offer a more empathetic and present interaction with others, enriching your relationships.


  • Empathetic Engagement: Being present allows you to truly listen and understand others, fostering deeper connections.
  • Supportive Relationships: Your well-being enables you to offer support and kindness to others, creating a nurturing environment for all involved.
  • Community Impact: By taking care of yourself and extending that care to others, you contribute to the overall well-being and resilience of your community.

Managing discomfort and balancing self-care with caring for others are pivotal aspects of the journey towards “Just Being.” These practices not only enhance personal growth and self-awareness but also strengthen our relationships and our role within the larger community.

4. The Struggles and Triumphs of “Just Being”

My client’s Personal Stories:

Emma’s Journey to Mindfulness

Emma, a software engineer, found herself overwhelmed by the high demands of her job and personal life. Despite her success, she felt a persistent sense of dissatisfaction and stress.

Emma turned to mindfulness as a way to find balance. Initially, she struggled with quieting her busy mind during meditation sessions and often felt frustrated. However, she persisted, gradually learning to embrace each moment without judgment.

Lesson: Emma’s story teaches us that the path to “Just Being” isn’t always smooth. It requires patience and perseverance. She discovered that embracing imperfection in her mindfulness practice was key to finding inner peace and balance.

Alex’s Discovery of Self-Care

Alex, a single parent, was always putting others’ needs first, leading to burnout. He decided to make a change by setting aside time each day for self-care activities, including nature walks and journaling.

Initially, he felt guilty for taking this time for himself, but he soon realized that this practice made him more present and effective in his role as a parent and professional.

Lesson: Alex’s experience highlights the importance of self-care in the journey of “Just Being.” It shows that caring for oneself is not selfish but essential for being fully present and available for others.

Maria’s Transformation through Embracing Discomfort

Maria, a writer, faced a significant creative block. She used mindfulness techniques to sit with her discomfort instead of avoiding it.

This practice led to a breakthrough in her writing, allowing her to explore deeper emotional themes and connect more authentically with her audience.

Lesson: Maria’s story teaches us the value of embracing discomfort. Instead of avoiding difficult emotions, acknowledging and exploring them can lead to personal and professional growth.

John’s Path to Presence in Relationships

John, a retired veteran, struggled with connecting to his family after years of service. By practicing active listening and being fully present in conversations, he rebuilt strong relationships with his loved ones. This change also helped him to heal some of the emotional wounds from his time in service.

Lesson: John’s journey emphasizes the role of presence in healing and strengthening relationships. Being fully present can lead to deeper connections and mutual understanding.

5. The Role of Presence in Relationships and Society

Being Present in Relationships:

Impact: Actively listening and being fully present in relationships can lead to transformative changes. This level of presence allows individuals to deeply understand and connect.

By being present, we engage in active listening, where we fully concentrate, understand, respond, and remember what is being said. This fosters a deeper level of empathy and understanding.


  • In a Family Setting: When parents actively listen to their children, it builds a strong foundation of trust and love, making the children feel valued and heard.
  • In Romantic Relationships: Partners practicing presence can overcome misunderstandings more effectively, leading to a stronger, more resilient bond.

Enhancing Communication:

  • Techniques: Non-verbal cues such as eye contact, nodding, and appropriate body language play a crucial role in showing attentiveness.
  • Outcome: Enhanced communication through presence can prevent conflicts and deepen the emotional connection.

Contribution to Society:

Perspective: Being present extends beyond personal relationships and significantly impacts society. A community of mindful individuals contributes to a more empathetic and compassionate society.

By being present, we develop a deeper understanding of others’ experiences and challenges, fostering a culture of kindness and support.

Community Engagement:

  • Mindful Volunteering: When volunteering, doing so with full attention and intention can make the experience more meaningful for both the volunteer and those receiving help.
  • Participating in Local Events: Engaging in community activities with a mindful approach can strengthen community bonds and promote a sense of belonging and collective well-being.

Creating a Ripple Effect:

  • Influence: One person’s practice of being present can inspire others, creating a ripple effect that enhances the overall social fabric.
  • Long-Term Impact: A society where individuals are present and mindful can better address social issues, promote inclusivity, and cultivate a culture of understanding and respect.

The practice of being present in our personal interactions and societal engagements has profound implications. It not only enriches our relationships but also contributes to creating a more empathetic, understanding, and cohesive society.

By extending the benefits of “Just Being” beyond ourselves, we participate in the collective effort to build a more mindful and compassionate world.

“Just Being” is not just a state of mind but a journey that involves practical steps, self-awareness, and a balance between personal well-being and social engagement.

By embodying these strategies, we can make “Just Being” an integral part of our daily lives, leading to personal fulfillment and a positive impact on those around us.

Just Being in Flow With Life
Just Being in Flow With Life


Your life force is the source of your power and it is up to you how you use it. You can intertwine it with different dimensions and create your destiny. Your soul knows what you need to do to reach your extraordinary capacity.

Relax and don’t try to understand everything at once. Tranquility will come when you accept what is happening and let go of what you think should be happening.

Go deep within yourself to connect with your true nature. Listen to the voice of your heart and trust that you are on the right path. Everything is possible for you if you open yourself up to infinite possibilities. Allow yourself to be the river of energy that flows through all of creation.


Embodiment Coach Vishnu Ra
Vishnu Ra

Master Embodiment Coach | createhighervibrations.com

Vishnu Ra is a Reiki Master & meditation coach with an impressive background in deep meditation. He has spent countless hours delving into the mysteries of human consciousness, and he is passionate about sharing his wisdom with others. Vishnu is also an entrepreneur and truth seeker, always on the lookout for new opportunities to explore. When he’s not sitting in meditation or teaching workshops on mindfulness, Vishnu loves being by the ocean!