Connect With Your Higher Self: A Guide to Spiritual Awakening

connect with your higher self

Connecting with your higher self is one of the most profound ways to accelerate your spiritual growth and live a more conscious, awakened life.

Your higher self is your inner wisdom, intuition, and connection to the divine. It is the part of you that knows your deepest truth. By learning to tap into this higher aspect of yourself, you gain access to infinite inner power, wisdom, and love to guide you on your path.

This article will teach you:

  • What your higher self is and why it’s so important to connect with it
  • Signs you’re disconnected from your higher self
  • Powerful practices for reconnecting with and developing a relationship with your higher self
  • How to receive inner guidance from your higher self and take inspired action
  • How living from your higher self allows you to realize your full spiritual potential

Let’s dive in and explore how you can more fully connect with your higher self on your spiritual journey.

What Is Your Higher Self?

Your higher self can be understood as the divine essence within you – your soul. It is the part of you that is deeply connected to Spirit/Source/God and is in touch with the truth of who you really are.

Some key things to know about your higher self:

  • It is eternal and infinite, not defined by your personality, life circumstances, or physical body
  • It is entirely loving, compassionate, and wise
  • It is always at peace
  • It sees and believes in your highest potential
  • It knows why your soul chose to incarnate in this life

Your higher self is your link to the Divine and your soul’s origins. It is the part of you that remembers your divine nature and highest truth. Unfortunately, we can lose touch with this inner compass when we get caught up in worldly concerns, limiting beliefs, and fears. Reconnecting with your higher self realigns you with your core essence and higher purpose.

You Have Everything You Need Within

Too often we think the answers to our problems and questions about life lie outside of ourselves in other people, possessions, or knowledge. But your higher self reminds you that you already have everything you need within. You are whole. You are enough.

When you tap into this unlimited inner well of wisdom, love, strength, and peace, you gain the power to manifest your dreams and become the person you’re meant to be. Your higher self is your greatest ally and guide on your spiritual path.

Signs You’re Disconnected From Your Higher Self

How can you tell if you’re out of alignment with your higher self? Here are some common signs:

  • You constantly second-guess your decisions and doubt yourself
  • You feel lost, anxious, or depressed a lot of the time
  • You numb or avoid your emotions
  • You feel stuck in limiting stories and beliefs about yourself and the world
  • You judge yourself harshly and struggle with low self-worth
  • You feel disconnected from a sense of purpose and meaning
  • You often override your intuition and go against your inner wisdom
Trust your inner wisdom by creating a connection to your higher self

Ways To Reconnect With Your Higher Self

If you feel disconnected from your core essence and truth, don’t worry – you have the power to realign with your higher self again through simple spiritual practices. Here are some of the most powerful ways to strengthen your connection:

1. Meditation

Meditation is one of the fastest ways to quiet your busy mind and reconnect with higher states of consciousness. By sitting quietly, focusing on your breath, and gently releasing thoughts as they arise, you create space to hear the soft, wise voice of your higher self. Use guided meditation to help you. Consistent daily meditation helps you stay aligned with your truth throughout your days.

2. Reflect On Your Goals And Passions

Grab a journal and make a list of the core passions, goals, and dreams alive within you. Your higher self planted these desires in your soul before you incarnated, so reflecting on them helps you get back in touch with your purpose.

What contribution do you want to make to the world? What really makes your heart sing? Your higher self will send you intuitive hits and synchronicities related to these dreams to guide you. Pay close attention.

3. Spend Time In Nature

Nature has a powerful way of quieting the chatter of the egoic mind so you can hear the voice of the Spirit more clearly. Spend time every day connecting with Mother Earth – whether hiking among trees, laying under the stars, or watching the sunrise. Breathe deeply and invite your higher self to speak to you.

4. Express Yourself Creatively

Sing, dance, paint, write – whatever creative outlet you feel drawn to. Making art is a powerful way to get into the flow state where you’re aligned with your higher self. Let go of self-judgment and perfectionism. Follow your inspiration; it’s your higher self communicating through you.

5. Talk To Your Higher Consciousness

Directly communicating with your higher self strengthens your bond. Find a quiet space to meditate, then mentally or out loud ask questions and express what you need guidance on. Pay attention to any sensations, thoughts, or feelings. Know that even if clear answers don’t come right away, your higher self is always listening and helping steer you in alignment.

Receiving Divine Guidance From Your Higher Self

Once you’ve rebuilt your connection to higher consciousness, you can start receiving profound guidance and direction for your life. Here are some ways your higher self communicates:

Through intuition: You’ll experience more psychic downloads, sudden insights, inner knowings, and gut feelings. Learn to trust these!

Through your emotions: Your higher self speaks through your feelings. Pay attention to what emotions arise in different situations – this reveals what resonates or not.

Through synchronicities: Meaningful coincidences and repeating number patterns contain guidance from your higher self about where to focus.

In meditation: Ask a question then quiet your mind; the answer may come as an inner vision, downloaded thought, or gentle whisper.

Through creativity: Follow your inspiration to express yourself, allowing Spirit to flow through you. Reflect on the themes that emerge in your art for messages.

In dreams: Pay attention to dreams and symbols that are recurring. Your divine self offers insight into how to heal and grow.

The more you tune into your higher self’s guidance, the stronger this inner communication channel will become. Learn to trust its wisdom – even when it leads you out of your comfort zone, your highest good is always being illuminated.

Taking Inspired Action

Being aligned with your higher self isn’t just about feeling peaceful and blissful (though that’s part of it!) It’s also about taking brave action to share your soul gifts and make your unique impact.

Here’s how you can act on higher guidance:

  • Move through any fears or limiting beliefs that arise as you follow your soul’s callings. Your higher self knows your greatness.
  • Take one step at a time. Don’t get overwhelmed trying to make huge changes all at once. Just start with the next right move.
  • Have faith that things are unfolding perfectly, even if the path ahead seems unclear. Your higher self sees the big picture.
  • Persist through challenges. Growth is a spiral, not a straight line. There will be ups and downs as you expand into your potential. Keep going.

The more you act from this aligned, powerful place, the more you will manifest incredible results and fulfillment.

The Gifts Of Living As Your Higher Self

When you learn ways to connect to your higher states of consciousness and live from your core essence, life becomes infused with magic, meaning, and innovation.

Here are some of the key gifts and experiences of embodying your higher self:

Expanded Intuition

Your intuition becomes so clear it’s like you have a 24/7 inner guidance system. You’re able to tune in and know the right choices to make, navigate challenges gracefully, and manifest synchronicities.

Unconditional Self-Love

From the viewpoint of your higher self, you are absolutely lovable, worthy, and beautiful – including all your so-called “flaws”. You treat yourself with deep compassion, respect, and care.

Inner Peace

You cultivate the ability to stay centered in stillness, equanimity, and presence no matter what happens externally. You live from your inner haven of peace.

Self Actualization

You courageously share your soul gifts and fulfill your highest potential. You know your life purpose and take aligned action each day.


Separation consciousness drops away. You feel deeply connected to all life and see everyone as your brother and sister. You live in harmony with the universe.

Spiritual Abundance

You trust in the unlimited nature of the universe – that there is plenty of everything you need. You’re able to constantly manifest and share your gifts.

Reconnecting and living from your higher self allows you to become the awakened, inspired version of yourself that your soul intended. You gain access to infinite inner guidance, strength, love, and bliss to fuel your purpose and dreams. By learning to master the art of inner attunement, you open the doorway to living fully as your higher self.

meditation connects to the higher self

Common Blocks To Connecting With Your Higher Self

While your higher self is always within you, patiently waiting for you to realign with it, there can be some common blocks that get in the way. Being aware of these can help you identify and move through them:

Stress and Busyness

When you’re caught up in the rush of daily life, constantly busy and distracted, it’s easy to disconnect from your inner world. Make time for silence, stillness, and inward focus.

Fear and Resistance

Fears around following your higher calling can create resistance and self-sabotage. Have the courage to move through limiting beliefs and insecurities.

Addiction and Avoidance

Addictions and unhealthy habits keep your consciousness lowered and impede your connection to Spirituality. Face and heal any avoidance tendencies.

Materialism and Ego

Over-focus on pursuing money, status, and the ego’s desires keeps you earthbound in lower consciousness. Let go of attachment.

Skepticism and Cynicism

If you’re closed off to spiritual experiences or your own intuition, it blocks you from receiving higher self-guidance. Open your mind and heart.

Childhood Wounding

Traumatic childhood events can impede your belief in your inner wisdom and self-trust. Do the inner child work to heal, release anger and reclaim your power?

By becoming aware of what might be creating distance from your higher self, you can compassionately work through these blocks and realign with your truth.

Develop a Relationship with Your Higher Self

On your journey of awakening, make strengthening your connection with your higher self an ongoing priority. Here are tips for developing a deeply nurturing relationship with this aspect of yourself:

  • Spend quality time together daily in meditation, nature walks, journaling, or other spiritual practices.
  • Open up and share your feelings, dreams, and challenges. Feel your higher self’s unconditional love and support.
  • Express gratitude for the inner wisdom and guidance you receive. Say, thank you!
  • Make your higher self part of daily life – chat while cooking dinner, driving to work, etc. The more you involve it, the stronger your bond becomes.
  • Keep a record of the guidance you receive and the positive changes unfolding as you align with your higher self. This builds trust and belief.
  • Have patience. Like any close relationship, connecting more deeply with your higher self takes time, commitment, and practice. But the rewards are infinite!

Nurturing your relationship with your higher self is the key to living a spiritually awakened life. You’ll never feel alone when you have unconditional divine love and support always accessible within you.

Key Takeaways: On How To Connect To Your Higher Self

Reconnecting with your higher self is one of the most life-changing steps on your spiritual path. By tapping into this all-knowing inner compass, you gain access to profound wisdom, love, power, and divine energy to guide you.

Begin bringing more awareness to this sacred aspect of yourself through practices like meditation, inner listening, creativity, time in nature, and journaling. The more you involve your higher self in your daily life, the more you will make decisions and take action from this elevated place.

As you learn to continually dwell in higher states of consciousness and align with your soul’s calling, life becomes more magical, flowing, joyful and purposeful. You begin to fulfill your spiritual destiny and unfold your highest potential.

Trust in your own inner divine nature. You are guided, loved, and supported by the universe – and your higher self knows the way home.


Embodiment Coach Vishnu Ra
Vishnu Ra

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Vishnu Ra is a Reiki Master & meditation coach with an impressive background in deep meditation. He has spent countless hours delving into the mysteries of human consciousness, and he is passionate about sharing his wisdom with others. Vishnu is also an entrepreneur and truth seeker, always on the lookout for new opportunities to explore. When he’s not sitting in meditation or teaching workshops on mindfulness, Vishnu loves being by the ocean!