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What is a Starseed Awakening: Starseed Activation 11:11

Activate Your Starseed Powers...A Path To Starseed Awakening...

You’ve been here for a long time, and it’s hard to break out of what society has told you. It takes courage to liberate yourself from the program that people have put in place on this planet the status quo is just too comfortable! It’s time for you to break free, and activate your Starseeds. You have an incredibly rich lineage that is waiting within you and it’s up to you if you want this power in your life or not!

  1. Change can be tough but rewarding; we’re taught by our parents and community how we should act when growing up so dropping all these fears will take some bravery on your part. But once you do, fulfilling your purpose will feel oh-so-much better than following someone else’s orders ever did!
  2. You know that feeling of dread in the pit of your stomach when you have to face a test? That’s how I felt about facing my past. After getting triggered by something, or simply passively experiencing it on TV with commercial breaks and soothing commercials telling me everything would be okay – just buy this product!
    All is not lost in life if I only purchase these items now rather than later! You get overwhelmed with fear for what might happen next- it’s like a small creature living in your chest, sinking its teeth into you and not letting go. That little voice that tells you that everything is going to turn out okay has been silenced by the fear of what might happen next – but it’s time for all this to change!

  3. The journey of rediscovering your purpose may feel difficult, but it’s an important one. When you find yourself lost in the mundane activities that life has to offer and feel like something is missing, take some time for introspection.

Take a step back from distractions or negative people who drain your energy. Pay attention to where your thoughts wander when not engaged with 3D life on Earth (or any other planet) because this could be what you’re looking for – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise


Activate Your StarSeed Powers 1111

4. Some people are so focused on feeling comfortable and being in their comfort zone that they never take the risk to grow. That’s why it is important for you to get uncomfortable because then you’ll be pushed out of your shell at a faster pace than if you were just staying inside all day doing nothing. The learning edge requires going outside of your comfort zone as well as getting more accustomed to not knowing everything about what will happen next and how things go down. If you are willing to get uncomfortable and push past your boundaries, then that is a HUGE step in activating your Starseed power!

5. We are here to help each other. We all have our own journeys and paths, but when we meet someone on their journey who needs their washing machine fixed or maybe a new hairstyle to help them overcome a divorce, they’re usually looking for something more than just the service you provide them. They need your understanding-they want what’s in your heart that makes it so easy for you to serve others with love and truth…It may be just another day at work cutting hair (or whatever) until suddenly magic happens; somebody is coming into contact with everything within themselves and asking questions about why things happen as they do around them. It opens up doors between two people where there didn’t seem like any before–a natural connection forms because both understand that this person has come from somewhere and has something to share.

6. You know the saying, “Be careful what you wish for”? It’s a typical example of our society being comfortable with the same old thing, maybe not even something that’s traditionally been a problem! But what if it does come true? What then?! We fear change because we don’t want to go through our lives with no direction. That way, at least you know where you are and can anticipate outcomes in advance- there is always a plan B for when things go wrong. It’s not so scary to think about a life without plans when you can’t control what happens anyway!

7. What if we, as Starseeds or people who are awakened and aware that this is all an illusion of sorts, stop holding onto the same old thing because it has never really existed in the first place? That means we can change our lives and have a new “plan A” for tomorrow or the next day! We are not who we were yesterday, so why would you want to be what you used to be? We are multi-dimensional beings here to assist with the evolution of this planet so that it prospers into a future that is worthy of our presence in the future!

Stages of a Starseed Awakening...

Starseeds Awaken to Their Spirituality in Stages and As The Process Goes They Begin Tapping into Their Power!

The first stage of the Starseed Awakening involves a feeling of being different and disconnected from others, as well as a sense that you are from somewhere else. Other people may sometimes tell you that they can see something different in your eyes – a look of someone who is not fully here on Earth.

You have an unexplained feeling of otherworldly connection- the feeling that at times you are only partially embodied on Earth. What’s more, since early childhood people have told you that they can see something different in your eyes.

What this means is that you might be experiencing what some refer to as an “awakening” or realization – a psychic awakening or synchronicity – an intuitive knowing about all things in life. What may be happening is that you are becoming more aware of your psychic abilities and intuitive understanding.

The second stage of the Starseed Awakening involves a feeling of loneliness as others around you don’t understand what it’s like to feel a disconnect from the world, life on Earth in general or have Starseed-like tendencies due to lack of knowledge about these types of people.

You might also find yourself drawn to places where energy flows outside traditional boundaries like crystal clusters or sacred sites – including those related to ancient cultures such as the Maya (or Atlantis). What this means is that chances are high that if you’re experiencing anxiety and depression – feelings common among many Starseeds – they stem from being misunderstood by society at large because other people often just can’t relate.

They may also stem from feeling misunderstood by family and friends who don’t understand what it’s like to feel different or have psychic abilities. What this means is that if you’re experiencing those feelings, they’re stemming from a sense of loneliness because other people just can’t relate or lack understanding about these types of individuals.

The third stage of the Starseed Awakening involves an interest in spirituality – including ancient spiritual traditions such as shamanism and astrology – due to the fact that Starseeds are typically drawn towards them. What this could mean is that you might be awakening more fully into your destiny- the reason why you came here on Earth at all:

For example, to help others with healing work through their own blockages so they too may experience peace, purpose, belonging, or the completion of some intuitive ‘mission’. What this means is that you may be becoming more aware of your psychic abilities and intuitive understanding.

The fourth stage of Starseed Awakening involves a sense of being drawn to new places, people, ideas – even entire cultures. This is the stage when those who are drawn to their Starseed heritage and feel compelled to learn more about it will start seeking out new sources of information. They may start to collect crystals or learn about deeper spiritual practices like psychedelics, tantra, tarot as some of the things that might intrigue them.

What’s also common among Starseeds are feelings of loneliness from time to time due to their disconnection from family members and friends who simply cannot understand what they’re going through.

This can lead many Starseed children into depression at times when others might not be able to relate. They may even feel misunderstood by society at large if people lack understanding about those with psychic abilities or are still in the process of awakening to their spirituality.

What this means is that if you’re going through those feelings, they are stemming from a sense of loneliness because other people just can’t relate or lack understanding about these types of individuals.

The fifth stage of the Starseed Awakening involves an interest in Eastern spiritual traditions such as Buddhism – which may be due to impatience with Western religion and its slow acceptance of psychic abilities and mystical experiences. 

What this could mean is that you might have been feeling unfulfilled by traditional religions’ teachings on life after death, reincarnation, karma (or your purpose here on Earth).

The sixth stage of the Starseed Awakening involves a sense of ‘belonging’, unlike anything felt before – which often leads Starseeds to search for spiritual meaning with Wicca or other esoteric traditions such as the Tarot – due to their deep connection with spirituality in general.

What this also means is that many Starseed children experience “spiritual burn-out” where things previously deeply meaningful now seem superficial and empty because they’ve become too accustomed to always having an intuitive understanding about everything around them.

The seventh stage of the Starseed Awakening involves an interest in metaphysics – which may stem from the fact that Starseed children often feel like outsiders due to their spiritual pursuits. What this could also mean is that Starseeds often feel like they have a connection to the spiritual world and past lives, which means there’s always something going on in their heads.

The eighth stage of the Starseed Awakening involves curiosity about nature and animals – since many of them are already very intuitive with plants because they understand how everything interacts spiritually. What this could also mean is that Starseeds often feel like they can ‘hear’ the trees and plants around them, so it’s natural for them to be curious about animals as well.

The ninth stage of the Starseed Awakening involves an interest in alternative health – which may stem from their tendency to channel energy or share similar symptoms with people who are going through an energy healing session.

What this also means is that Starseed children are often more sensitive to the energies around them, which can make it difficult for their immune system to handle toxins in food or from industrial pollution. What’s really going on here is a need for balance because they’re so attuned with nature and psychic abilities – but not necessarily grounded.

The tenth stage of the Starseed Awakening involves an interest in the Tarot or other divination practices – since Starseed children often have a natural talent for these types of activities which stem from their intuitive and psychic abilities that are so strong, it feels like they’re almost on autopilot when they do them.

This can also be a sign that they’re often feeling unfulfilled by the way society is – and it’s their intuition guiding them towards these types of practices. You will find what works for you, the approval of others will no longer be thought. You know what your mission on this Earth is and you are Living that Mission Out!

No Matter What Stage you Are at...Tap in And Spread Your Wings and Fly Starseed!!

 It is not always easy to activate your Starseed power and begin living out your purpose on this earth. There are many stages that we go through and they may not flow in the above precise order, but they will all lead you to live from love instead of fear. If you’ve found yourself feeling stuck with how to take the next step towards activating your Starseed power or if you have any other questions about what we discussed today, feel free to sign up for one of my coaching sessions where I can help you. I have been there and now I can walk through the fire with you!


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