Are You an Empath: Become Empowered?

Are You an Empath? Become a Powerful Fierce Empowered Super Empath!

What is an Empath…

Being an Empath these days for many can be a blessing or a curse. It is usually seen as a curse simply because they do not understand their gifts. If you are wondering if you are an empath, here are some things that they do:

  • -They can know the emotional state of another person. 
  • -Empaths feel the energy or emotions of another being. 
  • -Empaths can sense what others need without asking them for it.
  • -Empaths can feel the physical pain or illness in others.
  • -They are very sensitive to TV, videos, or even movie scenes where there is violence, fighting, gore, heartbreak, etc. 
  • -You avoid violent movies and literature as much as possible and still find yourself sobbing from some horrible scene you witnessed in a horror movie that you tried to watch once when you were feeling adventurous.
  • -They are highly sensitive to loud noises, bright lights and easily bothered by noise pollution.
  • -You go out of your way to avoid a crowded mall or building. 
  • -They are exhausted after spending time with friends that love drama and everything is always worse than it appears. You feel drained after a few hours in their presence.
  • -Empaths feel a connection to animals and nature.

Now you have an idea, and this list could on and on, in understanding the empath.

Some people get scared of their ability to sense other people’s emotions. Others think it is cool and use it. It can be a really good thing that we have this power, but not everyone has it. Some people get hurt and then they stop feeling empathy. When someone dies, we feel sad because we know what they feel like when they die.

Understanding What an Empath is…

Many people who have been through trauma when they were children have an ability to sense other people’s emotions. Some adults who grew up in abusive homes or had to protect themselves or others at a young age also have this power.

This extrasensory ability helps you to feel someone else’s feelings and energy as if they were yours. It can be difficult not to take on other people’s emotions and energies, but it is important to stay true to yourself. People in the spiritual community talk about how we need protection from outside energies, but this is not true. We need empowerment instead.

We are living in a multi-dimensional universe as multi-dimensional humans. Our world is made up of energy that has different levels. There are some people who are more interested in the things on the high end like love, joy, happiness, and empowerment. But some people like to focus on things with lower vibrations like fear, powerlessness, and despair. We all have our own vibration too.

When you feel like you need to protect yourself from psychic attacks or negative energies, it’s actually going to happen. You become a vibrational match to those lower energies because you’re lowering your vibration and attracting them.

Many teachers in the spiritual community will say put a protective wall around you, but by doing that, you are actually putting an energetic wall around your AURA that will allow others’ energy to attach to it.

If you are in a state of resistance and do not want this energy, then someone else’s energy will be attracted to you. Carl Jung said, ” What we resist persists.” This wall holding others’ stuff is actually only collecting all these energies and is not protecting you.

I will say, though, that to anyone who is just starting with these abilities, sometimes it can feel like you need to protect yourself. When you are trying to work on raising your vibration, you can use the white light bubble around you which stops energy from affecting you. But when someone is new to this they should not empower themselves too much. For someone new, this will help them in the beginning.

It is important to come into a state of safety and fearlessness, but you should also try to raise your frequency. Empaths have the ability to transmute energy, so if you feel a negative or low vibrational energy, you can change it into the light. For beginners, I would suggest using the white light or violet flame transmutation.

Boundaries are a way to protect yourself. If you are an empath, you should not be afraid of going into a crowded place and feeling overwhelmed. You can take some steps to keep yourself safe, like raising your vibration and being aware of any fear that you may feel so that you can be empowered.

Embrace Your Gifts as an Empath…

Empowerment is the ability to take the right actions that will then positively affect your life. You can do this by keeping your vibration at a high frequency. This will allow you to transmute lower-frequency vibrations and uplift them. It is important for you to know that it is possible for you to take these actions, which reflect themselves back on you in a positive way.

You have the power to choose things that will make you feel good. You can choose empowerment by doing what makes you happy. Take care of yourself and set boundaries for yourself when you are in situations. Remember, as an empath, it is important to take care of your mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health too.

As many people feel drained from taking on other people’s emotions and energy, an empath may start to live a life where they are only living in others’ energy. To be an enlightened and empowered empath, you need to take care of yourself.

You should do things that will energize you. As you begin to understand yourself and your gifts, you will see, it is not your job to carry the burden of other people’s energy, but rather to mirror it back to them so they can learn from themselves. You mirror it back by simply not accepting it.

The Road to Becoming An Empowered Empath…

No one can make you do anything. You can make your own choices and be powerful. Here are some ways to help empower yourself:

Heal: Sometimes, when you are an empath and living your daily life, you need healing or help from others. If you are just learning how to empower your empathic abilities, go see a healer for reiki sessions or massages. Work with an Embodiment Coach that is also an empath. It can be helpful to get a push from other healers. Once we are healed, we can help others who need it.

Set Boundaries: Setting boundaries is important. Sometimes, if you are in a place that makes you feel bad, it can take your energy away. If this happens, limit the time that you spend there or don’t go at all. You do not need to build walls or anything like that; remember what bothers you, embrace it, see what it is showing you and this will allow you to let it go.

Transmute Negative Energy: When you are able to raise your vibration, it is easier for you to transmute low energy into high energy. The law of nature says that all energy is in movement. This means that there is no need for you to resist the lower energy, but rather acknowledge it and imagine it turning into white light (energy). Even if the low energy feels heavy, meet it with love. When this happens, the high-energy state will follow soon after.

Healing as an Empath

Learn Meditation: Meditation is a good thing for an empath. You need to sit with your own energy so you can see clearly what is yours. This will teach you mindfulness, in knowing what is yours and what is not. Connect to your higher self or guides and ask for help.

Create a Sacred Space: A sacred space is a place where you can relax and sleep. It is your sanctuary for recharging or getting back your energy. You can create this space by adding crystals, incense, and candles. This will set the atmosphere to have peace and calmness. When you are done resting in your sacred space, go out into the world with more energy than before!

Healthy Foods: Eating healthy food is important. You need to eat food that has energy that will keep you alive. Eating plants is good because they have a special kind of energy, and when you eat them, your body will be healthier. If a vegan diet is not for you, then create a gratitude prayer for the meat you consume, this will help clear any low-density energy stored within the meat.

Grounding: Don’t hesitate or underestimate the healing power of crystals mixed with nature, they can help you boost your energy while absorbing the negative energy around you. Also, a grounding practice is also an amazing way to keep yourself in balance with your natural flow.

Show Up For Yourself: When you are an empath, it is important to take time for yourself. That means meditating, walking in nature, sitting in your sacred space, and being in your own energy. Do this even if you have been focusing on other people or not taking care of your needs. You will feel more refreshed and better rested after a break from the world!


NEVER forget, You are powerful!! You can be light and amazing. You can help other people, and you can find happiness doing so. We are all connected and we can work together to make the world a better place.

There is a lot of love and light in the world! Empaths are the Blueprint of what a Human should be. If you found this article helpful, please share it.

If you are struggling and want to work with me, do not hesitate to join my empowered empath 8-week transformation program.

Vishnu Ra

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