What Is Love? Boost Your Belief on Love

What is Love

Love is something that cannot be seen or touched, but you may feel fantastic when it’s there. But what exactly does love mean?

If you want to find out if the “love” is true or not, here are some clues to look for – stay tuned as we explore the most powerful frequency in the universe!

What is Love?

There are many people and many kinds of love. Love is understood differently depending on the person. A person who has developed into a Narcissist has a completely different view of love than someone who has achieved great awareness in their own conscious development.

For the lower energies of the world, love becomes tainted by domination, the idea of being worshipped and holding power over another. This is where many are confused and they never realize any of this is love, it is abuse.

In this kind of relationship, abuse is sugar-coated and seen as love. When this happens, the love you see creates a life of misery and steals the joy that is a natural source from your very being.

An Awakening, a New Vision?

I have been in love my whole life, but I never knew what love was. Now when you’re with someone you may be wondering: Have I ever really loved someone? Can you love me? Maybe happiness does not happen in love anymore.

Love is a very important thing. You can call it love, but it’s more than that. Love is something that you feel from the inside and also when you are with someone else.

It’s like breathing; just as we need to breathe no matter where we are or who we’re with, love continues to be there in us. Love is not about being in love with someone; it’s about being full of love all the time, even if you’re alone.

Love is not a small stream; love has the potential to encompass our whole being.

When we allow it, this force can sustain us in both good times and bad. For that to happen, though, we must let go of any preconceived notions or projections about what love should be like because when you focus on something too much, whether its rightness or wrongness, your mind will constrict around it until all other possibilities are blocked out.

Love becomes one-dimensional – confined into an idea with no room left over for anything else which leaves people frustrated more often than not as they feel trapped by their mindsets instead of liberated by someone who loves them unconditionally.

Love is a feeling and an experience when you’re with someone, but it is also something that you are. Many times I hear people say they are in love as if “being in love” were another human being inside their heads that they could hold hands with or tell stories about. Here is the thing: love isn’t someone else; love is within you.

It’s your energy, which is powerful enough to change the world but when it isn’t directed correctly can lead to many problems in relationships.

Love is powerful and everlasting; without it, friendships would not exist and there wouldn’t be as much joy, laughter, or creativity in this world as there is now.

Love is real when you do good things for others without expecting anything from them in return.

Love is not about being in love

 Love is Real when you simply appreciate the moment with another, many do not realize that to cultivate that type of Love, Love from the very source of your soul you must first be able to sit in appreciation and gratitude alone for You are the Source of Love.

Simply think of Love as a Tool and that it is You who holds the Power to Change Your World.

To do something with love, you need to be generating energy while experiencing peace and joy in your heart. If you have anything but those positive feelings inside, then I would say it’s not a good time to be loving someone.

When you are in a state of peace and joy, then it would be the perfect moment to share that love with someone else because they can feel the positive energy flowing from your heart.

 If you have hate or anger inside, then what’s coming out will not be particularly satisfying for you because those emotions are not pure.

Is Love Dependent?

Love is not about an object. Love is radiating out from you. The wider your love spreads, the bigger your soul will be.

Love should be present in your heart, regardless of where you are with whom you’re with. Love can be tangible whether you are single or not. Your cup full of Love can overflow everywhere around you.

Love is a state of being that comes to you at any time, even when you least expect it. It can hit you like a wave, or gently rise through you until it reaches the surface of your consciousness.

If you are honest and true, genuine with yourself and others, love will be there for you in every situation.

However, if you put your interests above others, are afraid of being truly yourself, and love others only when it’s convenient for you or you hold back from showing the real you to them, then there will be no source for true love.

Love is a feeling that comes from inside; if it does not come from within, it cannot possibly last long.

Is Love Controlling and Possessive?

Truth, kindness, compassion, and happiness are all very important. They need to be shared with others because they cannot exist on their own. Sharing is part of love, but it does not have to mean owning someone.

Love means that you give freedom to the person you love and also to yourself. If love in any relationship becomes controlling or ties people down then it is no longer loving; it has become lust which is animal-like behavior and not human behavior at all.

Love is freedom, and when it comes in the form of a human then we call it love. But even when we are feeling happy and content with another person or group of people we still feel a sense of belonging because we still share something in common that others don’t have.

Love creates an understanding of another, Lust will want to change the other.

In today’s society, many share their love for material possessions because they can dominate them. They may appreciate their car or house, but is it the same love a person feels toward another? It gets more complex when trying to share love with another human being, especially if you have never known love.

Love is patient, but it shows up in many different ways to others.

When you experience true love and have the opportunity to share your heart, mind, body, and soul with those who are worthy of such commitment, then Love will come back to you tenfold!

What is the Meaning of Love?

I have come to an understanding, that the meaning of Love is this: Love feels like Peace & Joy and radiates outward (human-like) from you to create a source for more. Love is a state of being, it is not turned on or off. Love sees clearly what is love and what is not love.

Love is giving without expectations, it demands nothing in return. Love is a state. You don’t need to love somebody specific, you just are love.

Love doesn’t need to be directed at someone else. Whoever feels it can enjoy it. Whoever wants to drink from your infinite pool of love can do so because it’s open to anyone who desires it unconditionally.

The best way to describe Real Love is “Presence”. The Top two states of expression in love are appreciation and gratitude!!

Love is a state of Presence

Love in Relationships…What I Have Learned!

Love is not a relationship, it is a state of being, a powerful felt presence. You are not in love, you do not fall in love, you are love. Always remember this: when I talk about love, I am talking about the state of love, a state of consciousness, an awareness of your infinite source.

A Romantic Relationship is good, and as human beings, they are part of our instinct to have but when you have not reached a level of awareness to know love, then the relationship will be false and can become dangerous. We see this with the number of relationships occurring between narcissists and Empaths.

Everything has a condition on it and that is not loved. Love never has conditions, ifs, and, or buts. Love is like breathing: when you feel love, you just love. People can come close to you and feel your vibe of love. Love is unconditional giving – only those who have it can give it away.

Now some of you will ask, does this mean I love a toxic person unconditionally? And the answer is “You are Love” and when you are in this state of being you see clearly and no one will steal the joy of your state of being.

A person who cannot love has nothing to do with you, and everything to do with their incompetence. Don’t go asking for love from those who are not capable of giving it.

Your love will radiate to all that you are around and as this occurs understand you are operating on a frequency that simply cannot be accessed by low-energetic human beings. They cannot cause you harm, so be free to choose your path.

There is no fear in Love! I have learned that all Love is a product of my inner connection and I know if any relationship ended tomorrow, I would be okay because I am the source of Love.

Final Thoughts…

Having been where many are, I see my experiences as the path, the path that led me to this awareness of love that I carry within me, that I cultivate from within me. As an Embodiment Coach, one of the first tasks when working with someone is starting the process to unlock this state of being within them, so they can embody this state of being.

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Many times we do not understand why we experience such pain and suffering until we have reached an awareness much higher than the level we are at in the experience.

I want to share with you some of the most beautiful lessons of love that I was reminded of during my experiences:

The infinite and all-encompassing power that is at your command when you are filled with love,

The understanding that we’re all one, and everything around you connects back to this oneness.

Love is the one thing that can save the world. We are at a turning point where human beings on this planet will need to choose. This Planet is in a spiritual war collectively and individually.

There is no middle ground now: you have to choose between them. It’s life or death: if there is war, people will die; but if there is love, people will unite into one. If you are at a crossroads, and you need help, I will walk through the fire with you!


Embodiment Coach Vishnu Ra
Vishnu Ra

Master Embodiment Coach | createhighervibrations.com

Vishnu Ra is a Reiki Master & meditation coach with an impressive background in deep meditation. He has spent countless hours delving into the mysteries of human consciousness, and he is passionate about sharing his wisdom with others. Vishnu is also an entrepreneur and truth seeker, always on the lookout for new opportunities to explore. When he’s not sitting in meditation or teaching workshops on mindfulness, Vishnu loves being by the ocean!