Why Do I Attract Toxic People? 7 Reasons That Will Open Your Eyes!

Toxic People

Ever feel like you’re stuck in a crowd that just doesn’t get you? The kind of people who poke fun at every tiny thing and seem more interested in tearing you down than lifting you? If so, you might be dealing with toxic relationships. These aren’t just random bad luck – they could be drawn to your behavior!

Believe it or not, you have more control over this than you think. Toxic individuals crave your attention and affection the same way they want a promotion at work or a shiny new car. They’re like predators, always hunting for what they can’t earn through hard work. But guess what?

You can break free from these emotionally draining relationships! It’s all about recognizing the signs and making some key changes. You deserve partners who stick by you through thick and thin. Why not start thinking about surrounding yourself with people who truly care?

Toxic people wave their red flags with pride and can drag your life down. But here’s the silver lining: you don’t have to put up with it! Dive into these seven reasons why negativity follows them around and discover what steps you can take to turn things around fast.

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Top 7 Reasons Why You May Attract Toxic People!

You Dislike Confrontation…

Whether you like it or not, the world is populated by individuals and conflicts. However, we would all love to avoid conflict as much as possible right?

Well, that’s something toxic personalities thrive off too! They want someone who will stand up for themselves no matter what so they can push them around without any consequences; feeling powerful in an argument when nothing was resolved at all.

The more wronged one feels after toxic behavior from a partner/friend –the less likely he/she will be able to fight against future abuse.

It’s a delicate balance. You have to compromise, but it may seem like nothing in the end because an argument is just something that happens between friends or family members who love each other deeply enough not to let their disagreements get in the way of how they feel about one another.

People pleasers
why do I attract toxic people?

Relationships are built on trust; both parties are responsible for what goes down no matter which side makes sacrifices every time there’s bad news from one party- if I were you (and this can apply more generally), then maybe leaving would be best.

Toxic people will do anything to get you into an argument. They’ll portray themselves as the victim, and it’s your fault when you set healthy boundaries and fight back! Don’t let them gaslight or manipulate away any of those feelings- stand up when in doubt (even if they are right). You will see this on social media everywhere in today’s society.

You Are a Perfectionist…

You blame yourself and use negative self-talk when things are not going perfectly designed and toxic people love this about you!

They know that by putting a little pressure on you, they can get you to do things their way. It’s the old divide and conquer technique; once they break you down, it becomes much easier for them to control your every move.

Perfectionism is linked with anxiety and depression; both of which toxic people see as productive targets. They want you to be miserable so that they can feel better about their own lives.

You Ignore Your Own Needs…

When we’re always putting others first we become great problem solvers for others and, it can be difficult to see the warning signs that we’re attracting toxic people. We might not even realize that we’re ignoring our own needs! But if we’re not taking care of ourselves, then we’re opening ourselves up to be taken advantage of by others.

When we’re not taking care of ourselves, we might find that we’re:

  • eating unhealthy foods
  • not getting enough sleep
  • spending too much time on our devices
  • engaging in self-destructive behaviors (i.e., drinking too much)
  • overlooking our own mental/emotional/physical struggles.

But if you’re unhappy, then you can’t expect to be happy for other people; which is what toxic people count on – they’re manipulative!

You Listen to Others…

Toxic people love talking about themselves. It’s their world and you are just in it!! Their problems, their issues, and life- it’s always something about them!

They never run out of stuff to complain about or vent with you being the good friend that listens when needed because they’re sad right? Toxic people need someone who’ll give constant amounts of attention to those around them to understand how hard things are going on.

A good friend doesn’t just come to you and vent, they’re there when we are down too. They try their best not to pile on more issues or give in to the urge to talk only about themself while never really giving attention in return.

You’re a People Pleaser…

People pleasers are attracted to toxic people and vice versus. We’d rather do anything in our power not to upset anyone else, even if that means going out of the way only to please someone who doesn’t deserve it!

Why? It’s because we feel guilty for inconveniencing someone so we try and make up for it in any way possible- even if that means being walked all over.

But by doing this, we’re harming ourselves and not the person we think we’re trying to help. We need to start putting our own needs first and stop feeling guilty for things that are out of our control!

People-pleasing is a reflection of our own wounded inner child.

You Like Helping People…

You like to help others, after all, they are your friends, right?? Toxic people will take advantage of this and it reflects a self-worth issue within us. That we just can’t say no and always give in to those who demand so much from us.

That’s why many people-pleasers- those who put others first – will fall into the trap of toxic friendships! Toxic people know how to work it, especially if you’re ‘suckered’ into thinking that they need help because your good nature won’t let you say no.

The thing is, we can only help others if we’re first taking care of ourselves. And that means not giving in to the demands of those who are toxic! It is okay to say NO!! You are not a bad person by putting yourself first.

Loyalty is Royalty, so you Thought…

Loyalty is an awesome thing to possess. You try to stay true and loyal, and always be there for the people in your life that you love as they are with you too!

If someone begins spreading falsehoods about the apparent friendliness or kindness of one of your acquaintances, but then swiftly reveals their toxic side when it comes to matters that truly define human connections—such as manipulating others’ emotions—do not allow them to escape the consequences of such behavior.

We understand that dealing with manipulative individuals is simply not worth it. It will only bring more pain to both parties involved than any other course of action. 💔

Toxic people will take advantage of this. If you have ever been with a Narcissist, you have experienced this first-hand. They will drive you crazy, as they feed off of your energy and emotions with their words.

The truth is that they thrive on the fact that those who are close to them want to help them at ANY cost because we feel a sense of obligation due to the guilt trip they put us through, all while taking advantage of our loyalty.

Toxic relationship
behaviors that attract toxic partners

In the end, it’s just not worth it to have a friendship with a toxic person. If someone is constantly making you feel bad about yourself, questioning your loyalty, or playing games – it’s time to walk away and never look back. Trust your intuition on this one! You’ll know when it’s time to cut the cord.

How to Stop Attracting Toxic People and Build Healthy Relationships

why am i attracted to toxic people?

It’s a question many of us have pondered: why do we end up in relationships that drain us emotionally? The answer often lies within our behaviors and attitudes. If you’re wondering “Why do I attract bad friends?” or “Why am I drawn to controlling relationships?”, it’s time to delve deeper into your patterns.

People-Pleasers and Toxic Attraction

People-pleasers can be drawn to toxic relationships or partnerships and not realize it. This means constantly putting others’ needs above your own, often to the detriment of your well-being.

This behavior can make you an easy target for toxic individuals who seek out those they can manipulate and control.

Breaking the Cycle of Toxic Attraction

How to Stop Attracting Toxic Relationships

To change the dynamics of your relationships, you must first change your approach. This involves setting boundaries, understanding your worth, and being mindful of the people you allow into your life.

Recognizing and Avoiding Toxic Behaviors

Awareness is key. Understanding the behaviors that attract toxic partners can help you spot red flags early. This means acknowledging patterns like avoiding confrontation, being overly accommodating, or consistently putting others’ needs before your own.

Building Healthy Relationships

Embracing Self-Worth and Boundaries

Start by valuing yourself and your needs. This isn’t selfish; it’s essential for healthy interactions. Establish clear boundaries and stick to them. This will not only protect you from toxic individuals but also attract those who respect your limits and value your well-being.

Choosing Partners Who Respect and Support You

Seek out relationships with people who uplift you, respect your boundaries, and contribute positively to your life. Healthy relationships are built on mutual respect, trust, and support, not on one person constantly giving and the other taking.

Embrace Positive Change

We all deserve relationships that bring joy, support, and growth into our lives. By understanding and altering the behaviors that attract toxic partners, you can open the door to healthier, more fulfilling connections. Remember, it’s not just about avoiding the bad; it’s about welcoming the good.

Final Thoughts…

We all want to be loved and accepted, but sometimes the people who seem most likely to give us that are toxic. They can take advantage of our good hearts and loyalty by using them against us or messing with our mental health. For this not to happen, we need boundaries, we need to begin to understand the root of our attractions.

Be compassionate, loving, loyal… But make sure your mental health comes first! If someone is disturbing you mentally then they’re probably not right for you. You deserve a healthy relationship that won’t hurt you physically or mentally – book a Strategy Session with me today!

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