What is a Heyoka Empath? 12 Signs of the Powerful Heyoka!

The powerful Heyoka Empath

An empath is a person who can feel the emotions of other people as if they were their own. They often have a strong sense of intuition and can read people very well. Empaths are often able to sense when someone is in need or when they are feeling sad or happy.

An empath can sense and understand other people’s feelings and emotions very well. An empath is often, but not always someone who is easily over-stimulated by the energy of others. Empaths are an example of what a Human should be.

Now…What is a Heyoka Empath?

The Heyoka Empath is a very rare type of empath who is born with a unique set of superpowers. They can sense and feel the emotions of others more deeply than other empaths and they are also able to interpret these emotions in unique ways.

The Heyoka Empath was named after the Heyoka Native American tribe member, who is often seen in black and white stripes with a large red heart on their face mask.

The Heyoka Indian tribe members are known for being jokingly referred to as the “sacred clown” by other tribes because of their unique dress. Heyoka Empaths are known to see the world in ways others cannot. They do not follow the norms of society.

Similarly, the Heyoka Empath has been given the title of being someone who can perceive and feel others’ emotions as deeply as an Indian tribe member could feel a rainstorm coming from miles away.

In addition, the Heyoka Empath has been given this name for its uncanny ability to make people laugh and feel good about themselves in difficult situations.

Heyokas were and still are deeply respected in Native American tribes. They could open people’s eyes to new possibilities and different perceptions of a situation. They could also shift the energy of an entire tribe through their understanding of emotions.

The Heyoka Empath has a unique perspective on life and can see the silver lining around every dark storm cloud which makes them very special and gifted.

If you think that you might be a Heyoka Empath, then keep on reading because this article will give you insight into the 12 signs that tell us why this is true.

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12 Signs You Are a Heyoka Empath…

1. You can sense if someone is lying or holding back information from you, even by just looking at them.

2. You can easily put yourself in other people’s shoes to see things from their perspective and vice versa. You are also great at influencing perspectives.

3. You can feel other people’s emotions, even from a distance. You will pick up on very heavy dark energy, while also being able to transmute it.

4. Heyoka is a good person to help you with your emotions. They can see your emotions and use those as a guide for what to do. Sometimes they do this without you knowing it. As Heyoka you are a great emotional mirror and people will either love you or become very angry with you and in that lies the gift you are showing them on their spiritual journey.

5. You often try to avoid group activities because they make you feel drained and uncomfortable. You enjoy solitude and time spent in nature.

6. You are drawn to creative and spiritual people, especially on social media, and enjoy their company. You enjoy authenticity due to your openness, honesty is written in your DNA.

7. You have an innate ability to make people laugh and feel good about themselves, even in difficult situations.

8. You have a strong intuition that is often confirmed by your actions.

9. You instinctively mirror others and this is where you are powerful against narcissistic people as they do not like it when this happens.

10. You are often Daydreaming and find yourself zoning out a lot. This is because you are tuning in to the subtle energetic vibrations around you.

11. You live in the moment and are not attached to the outcome of life experiences, you see reality for what it is.

12. You have a deep sense of knowing about things that others do not and you are comfortable with being different. You do not follow the herd and instead, you do what you feel like doing.


Embrace Being a Heyoka Empath!

You know that there has to be balance in the world of duality. So too, must there be Heyoka empaths to create this balanced emotional experience?

As an empath, you understand other people’s intentions and the importance of your role in society and the world. You know that your ability to feel other people’s emotional states or negative traits is a superpower!

You know the universe is always on your side and this enables you to see through the manipulation others put on you and around you.

Your ability to sense the duality of life enables you to help others who may be lost or confused about their spiritual path. It makes sense that Heyoka empaths would be needed to protect people from those who wish to do them harm.

Heyokas are powerful because they know duality. They know that some people are good and others are bad, but they also know that no one is all good or all bad. Since Heyokas can see both sides, it enables them to understand humans on a level most cannot reach consciously.

Heyoka American Indian

They can successfully communicate with people on both sides of the spectrum so Heyoka Empaths can negotiate conflicts in a way that is beneficial for all involved.

Heyoka empaths are rare expressive reflectors, but their superpowers make them invaluable members of society!

If you can relate to most or all of these signs, then there is a good chance that you are a Heyoka Empath or somewhere in between. Remember that this is not a bad thing, but rather a gift that should be cherished.

Embrace your uniqueness and use your powers for good in the world. The more you understand your gift, the more powerful you will become. Concerning this gift that has been given to us, it is our responsibility to help others less fortunate than ourselves.

If everyone became a Heyoka Empath today, there would no longer be any need for people who are sick, sad, or in pain, because we would all be able to feel their emotions and use our powers to heal the world.

The more we spread this invaluable gift, the better our world will become and an infinite number of lives will be changed for the better because of it.

Remember even if you’re just discovering you are an empath, the abilities will evolve with awareness, so give it time to develop. Patience is also a superpower we must embrace and take steps towards understanding ourselves and our discoveries.

Heyoka Sacred Clown Tee: A Powerful Empath Within


Uncovering the Unique Powers of the Heyoka Empath

The Heyoka empath is gifted with some fascinating intuitive abilities that set them apart from other types of empaths. Their rare Heyoka powers give them the capacity to see through deceit and facades, making them adept at picking up on narcissists and other manipulative personalities.

When a Heyoka empath comes across a narcissist, their interactions can be quite revealing and even volatile at times.

You see, the Heyoka empath vs narcissist dynamic brings out the best in the empath and often the worst in the narcissist. The empath’s gifts allow them to sense when someone is being inauthentic or misleading.

Their truth-revealing radar doesn’t sit well with the narcissist, who thrives on controlling how others see them through their false mask. The Heyoka empath reflects truth, which enrages the narcissist who wishes to hide their true self.

In many ways, the Heyoka and narcissist relationship highlights the unique strengths and abilities of the Heyoka. While the narcissist attempts to manipulate, the empowered Heyoka empath sees right through their games.

These intuitive empaths cannot be fooled or controlled. Their capacity to discern truth and reflect it makes them a formidable force against narcissism’s grasp. It’s almost as if one of the Heyokah empath’s purposes is to expose what’s real versus what’s fake.

Truly, the powerful empath skills of the Heyoka can feel threatening to the narcissist, who wishes to remain unseen. Yet the Heyoka simply reflects what is there, helping to illuminate truth and authenticity for those willing to see it. Their gifts help reveal what’s real versus what’s illusory in life.

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A word from Create Higher Vibrations

It is with great pleasure that I can conclude this blog post. The more you understand your gift, the more powerful you will become in life and the journey to transforming humanity.

Understanding how to use your powers for good in the world will help give back to others who are not in awareness yet! If you are feeling stuck or you are an empath who is unsure how to embody your gifts!

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