How To Manifest Anything in 2024! The Core of Manifestation!


Many people want to help the world by doing something different. They might want to change the world in some way or another. That is good, but if they want to do it right, they need to start at the very core. The core of manifestation.

What is the Core of Manifestation?

First, realize you are an infinite conscious being…

The very core of all conscious doing is rooted in stillness. That’s the key lesson when it comes to manifestation by magic or means, which is defined as an outward push toward action rather than inactivity – but how do we combine these two opposing forces?

There’s no easy answer because ultimately they conflict with each other: one side wants us grounded into inner peace while on another you have your desires being fulfilled through outer endeavors like manifesting what feels right at any given time (whatever that may mean to you).

The first step to manifesting or creating something is finding your timeless and formless essence. If you don’t have this, forget all the fuss of being a creator–it’s not going to happen for a long time anyway!

When we find ourselves connected with who we are at any given moment in time through deep meditation or relaxation exercises like yoga Nidra (yoga sleep) then whatever comes into our lives becomes conscious creation instead of unconscious doing.

This means there isn’t as much resistance coming from other places within us holding onto old habits that would normally hold back the progress if they weren’t released by intense self-observation techniques such as mindful awareness practices on how thoughts/feelings etc impact physical reality.

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It may well be that a new stage is arising on the planet one where we humans can create consciously. The idea is exciting, and it’s something worth considering for those of us who believe in ourselves enough to invest time into our creativity!

It would give meaning back to life if you could use all your human potential…which like anything else has no limits because whatever humanity does will always reflect what lies at its core: infinity itself expressed through this form called Earth or Man (or Woman).

Having said that, the state of being is one where you’re no longer looking at life’s limitations but instead, you’re breaking through them to find that the power behind your manifestation is rooted in stillness.

The basic idea behind manifesting something into reality is to use your mind, power, and will together to create a thought form. The more you believe in this thought form the closer it will come to reality. It can be said that you are “drawing” or “pulling” it towards you through your thoughts.

As you think about this thought form it slowly becomes a physical manifestation, until one day you can touch it, see it, and use it while feeling it.

Now you might think that sounds easy enough if you are some sort of super-human who has more power or skill than normal folk… but even so… there are still rules to this.

If you want to manifest something successfully, you need all three parts of your mind working together as one.

That means the subconscious and super-conscious as well as the conscious mind need to work together as one unit. The three of them should be used equally and in harmony with each other or else this could backfire on you.

Manifestation definition
Being a State of Consciousness

The Manifestation Truth Shared by all is This:

Manifestation does NOT mean that you will get what you want without doing your part.

Let me repeat that because it’s the biggest manifestation myth out there:


You must take inspired action to create the circumstances in which you want to see yourself. Manifestation is a combination of what you desire and how much conscious energy you put into bringing that desire into reality.

The key to manifestation is presence, you cannot allow the desire to take you from the present moment or you will derail your plans.

The Manifestation Definition:

Oneness University defines manifestation as: ” The creative activity of God, through which He made the universe and everything in it. To manifest something is to bring it into reality from mere idea or desire.”

Manifestation is about working with the universe’s infinite creative power. To manifest, you let your desires take shape by entrusting them to the universe through your subconscious mind. It’s important to be aware of this process. By doing so, you enable the universe’s force to fulfill your desires.

Manifestations are not random occurrences or chaotic events. They are the results of very specific causes, whether they are recurring events or one-time things. We are always projecting our current state of being into the future which means we are always manifesting what we are putting out, consciously or unconsciously.

Is Manifestation Real?

Manifestation is real.

But there’s something else that is even more real.

It’s called resistance…

And it happens before manifestation, not after it.

Resistance is the cause of all your manifestation problems, and also the core of manifestation itself.

When you learn to deal with resistance, you’ll be living in your true power.

I don’t care what spiritual philosophy you follow, or whether you’re following one at all… manifestation is real.

It’s not always easy, but it can be done.

The Law of Attraction shows us that we can create our reality.

We might not control everything in life, but if we are in a state of presence with our intention on what we want, it will come to us.

That is the Law of Attraction in a nutshell – but there’s more to it than that.

I’m one of those annoying people who like to go deeper… right down into the nitty-gritty spiritual truth… and I’m going to go there with you now (if you’re ready to go there with me).

This is the core of manifestation. It’s simple and it always works… if you want to know how to manifest your desires, this is the place to start: Resistance is at the core of all manifestation problems.

We’ve talked about emotion and resistance many times before, so we already know that everything is about emotion.

We know that we’re either creating resistance or allowing it to dissolve and that resistance shows up as your negative emotions.

For example, when you want something, but you don’t allow yourself to have it because it might not be safe or practical, then you’ll feel fear. When you hold on to an old belief even though there’s no real reason to hold on to it, then you’ll feel negative feelings.

When you desperately want something and yet don’t allow yourself to have it, that’s called longing – and it will make you feel lonely and bitter.

The Law of Attraction works whether we allow the resistance to dissolve or not… but the quality of your life will depend on whether you choose to dissolve or hold onto it. Resistance is what causes manifestation problems in the first place.

Manifestation is Not Working?

As I said earlier, manifestation can be easy when there’s no resistance at all… or it can be damn near impossible when you have a massive amount of resistance. Resistance is anything that blocks, prevents, or slows down the manifestation process.

The following list contains examples of things that can cause resistance:

Lower Levels of Consciousness

Many times people will experience their desires coming to fruition almost immediately after they’ve committed and decided on what it is they want. But, other times people have been working towards what it is they’ve wanted for weeks, months, or even years and not been able to get a single thing to manifest!

When the latter happens one of the first things that needs to be examined is your level of consciousness. People who are constantly manifesting with little or no resistance are operating at a higher level of consciousness than those who aren’t. Higher levels of consciousness will produce results much more quickly, easily, and efficiently than lower levels will.

People Who Aren’t Fully Committed (Indecisiveness)

A state of indecision has the same effect as resistance does when it comes to manifesting things. People who aren’t fully committed to their desires will experience resistance because they’re not really “all in.”

If you think about it, how could someone be all in if they keep on changing their mind every time new obstacles or challenges present themselves?

limited beliefs

A Higher Purpose Than The Desire You Want To Manifest

If the higher purpose of your desire conflicts with the higher purpose of your life, it will be difficult to manifest. If you want money so you can go on a trip around the world and your life’s purpose is to learn and develop yourself in some way, getting money will most likely put a damper on both your desires and your life’s purpose.

People Who Try To Do It Alone

People who try to manifest things all by themselves without any help or guidance from an enlightened teacher will experience a lot of resistance.

Why? Because they don’t have the awareness and knowledge that someone with a high level of consciousness possesses. This is why people who are in touch with the teachings of enlightened teachers seem to be able to manifest things so quickly.

Vehement Resistance

Sometimes, people feel scared of their dreams and wishes. This might be because those dreams feel too large or because achieving them could change their usual way of life.

Or, it could be because having a lot of money seems strange (maybe they think they don’t deserve it), or having a certain kind of relationship feels out of reach (perhaps feeling not good enough or unworthy).

This vehement resistance is very powerful because it comes from the inner program of our subconscious mind.

The only way to overcome vehement resistance is to raise your level of consciousness and awareness to a point where you can see that this kind of life isn’t the life you want and that manifesting this desire will take you closer to living the life you want (or even be part of that new life).

This is why some people have a difficult time manifesting big things like vehicles, homes, etc. But when it comes to something like money (which represents freedom and power) they can easily manifest it!

manifesting reality
“After One Month, Everything Changed”-Benjamin D

Some Key Points To Keep In Mind…

Here’s an important point that I want to make clear: resistance is NOT a bad thing because it serves the purpose of showing you what isn’t aligned with your highest good and what you need to work on to raise your level of consciousness, awareness, and understanding.

Everyone experiences resistance; the people who don’t experience it are those who haven’t reached a level of consciousness where the ego-mind starts to take over.

When talking to people who haven’t faced many obstacles yet, you’ll find they can achieve things without much struggle.

However, if you shift the conversation from what they want to why they want it, you might notice they don’t have a deep understanding of the world, including topics like relationships and success.

So if you’re committed to manifesting something but there’s resistance associated with it then take a look at your life from a higher perspective and see if one or more of these points apply to what you’re experiencing.

Here are some more good points that can help you deal with resistance:

Give It Time (Give it time to process)

One of the main reasons why people experience resistance is because they’re trying to do it too quickly. Just like anything else, manifesting takes time and needs to be properly processed so give yourself some time before you judge the process. Take this time to express gratitude for where you are and what you have!

Take Action! (Do something about it)

You can’t sit around waiting for something to happen or for someone else to do it for you. You have to be willing to take action and stop complaining about how bad things are because in most cases YOU’RE the one who’s creating them in your mind.

This is the reason why people don’t manifest big things like vehicles, homes, etc. because they’re either too busy complaining about how bad it is that they don’t have these things or about what other people think of them.

All It Takes Is For You To Choose! (It’s that simple)

There are certain circumstances in your life where you’ll experience resistance because you won’t be willing to make a choice or let go of certain things for the manifestation process to work.

Most people make this mistake and they end up manifesting what they don’t want (but think that they do) simply because their level of commitment isn’t high enough. This is consciously knowing what you want but unconsciously sabotaging yourself.

Final Takeaway

To manifest things in your life, you need a high level of awareness, awareness expands consciousness.

This post does an excellent job of showing how this can be achieved through meditation or by eradicating bad habits that might otherwise stifle the manifestation process.

If our energy/tendencies are not produced, as I believe they should be, then what’s the point of anything?

What is the purpose of spontaneous action if it can’t produce a change in physical reality through self-observation techniques such as mindful awareness practices on thoughts/emotions affecting our tangible reality?

That’s why I believe that meditation and yoga Nidra are the only two ways to reach this level of awareness that is required for conscious creation to take place.

If you need help with manifestation or you want to practice the unconscious doing and step into the conscious being, take a moment and schedule a session with me!

Being in a state of consciousness is where manifestation will be the most effective, manifesting from the ego is always short-lived if manifestation even happens at all!

Trust that everything you could ever imagine is readily available within your universe!!

Namaste 🙂

Embodiment Coach Vishnu Ra
Vishnu Ra

Master Embodiment Coach |

Vishnu Ra is a Reiki Master & meditation coach with an impressive background in deep meditation. He has spent countless hours delving into the mysteries of human consciousness, and he is passionate about sharing his wisdom with others. Vishnu is also an entrepreneur and truth seeker, always on the lookout for new opportunities to explore. When he’s not sitting in meditation or teaching workshops on mindfulness, Vishnu loves being by the ocean!