What is Awareness? A Guide To Expand It

What is Awareness

What is Awareness? Do you ever sense that something is lacking in your life? Like you’re not truly living, but just going through the motions of daily life?

This is because we are all born with a natural state of awareness that has been conditioned out of us. We have become so accustomed to our routines and habits that we don’t even realize how much time we spend on autopilot.

The good news is it can be re-learned! It takes conscious effort to bring back this lost sense of awareness but once cultivated, it will transform your entire life for the better. You’ll find yourself feeling more alive than ever before as you start taking full advantage of every moment in your day.

In this article, I’m going to show you exactly what awareness is and how anyone can cultivate it within themselves using simple exercises and techniques. Once developed, awareness will help you break free from the chains holding you back from being who you really want to be – someone who lives an extraordinary life filled with happiness and abundance! Let me show you how…

What is Awareness?

Awareness is the state of being aware. Awareness can be a difficult thing to achieve, but when you do find that awareness it should feel as if there was no tension or strain during its achievement. Awareness is needed in order to be able to expand your consciousness and understanding of the world.

Awareness can be achieved through different methods such as meditation, awareness can also be created through practice, and with continuous practice, one’s ability to become aware will improve.

Relaxation is the expression of awareness. Relax any area of tension in your body. Your attention will grow faster if your entire body is relaxed.

Just watch, just see; make no effort, and do not strive- Awareness can be experienced when one’s entire being has reached total peace without feeling like they are consciously trying to achieve it or controlling anything internally.

This includes an ability for oneself to become aware by simply watching themselves “consciously” while releasing all internal control over their actions.

How to expand consciousness

Awareness is the most important aspect of life. Awareness can be expanded through meditation and by letting go, accepting things as they come to you without judging them or yourself for it.

Awareness will lead one to great joy because there are no distractions in this state – all thoughts have been let go so that only a passive awareness remains where nothing distracts from what’s happening right now.

Awareness is when you are not forgetting anything important in your life, like your family or friends who love you very much. Awareness also means being aware of what’s going on inside yourself, like feelings or thoughts or what’s happening in your body – but only if we know about Awareness itself so Awareness can work through us.

Awareness is almost always connected with consciousness, which is about understanding things as they are happening. Awareness, consciousness, and self-mastery all have a lot in common but I think Awareness might be the most powerful of them all because Awareness doesn’t just help people do what they want to do, Awareness is the key to expanding consciousness.

observe the monkey mind

Cultivating More Awareness

Awareness is one of the most important concepts in our existence here on earth. Awareness is consciousness. Awareness is expansion. Awareness is continuous. Awareness is all. Awareness is presence!!

Let’s go over some ways to cultivate awareness in your life:

  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Visualization 
  • Chanting
  • Listening to trance music or psychedelic music
  • Reading sacred texts or related books on consciousness
  • Talking to other people with awareness about how they have expanded their awareness and living lives that are centered around being aware.
  • Awareness! Awareness is the most important one. Awareness Awareness Awareness Awareness Awareness…
  • Expand your awareness beyond this physical existence and become aware of yourself in other realms/dimensions/universes/planes of existence.
  • The next step after self-discovery is to expand your awareness for the sake of all beings around you by expanding your energy, your compassion, and your desire to be of service to others.

Suffering comes from Unawareness

In the Buddha’s teaching, he states that the key to suffering is non-attachment, which is true. However, the key to non-attachment is awareness, awareness is not the future or the past, it is the present here, and now. Only do we suffer when we are in the “Mind”, the Mind cannot exist in the present moment, When we are here and now, we are in awareness.

Awareness is the powerful energy that can take us to Enlightenment, Awareness is how we attain wisdom and compassion by being aware of our thoughts and emotions as they arise in moment-to-moment experience. Awareness brings insight into the impermanence of phenomena which leads to a unique form of happiness or bliss.

Awareness enables choice, without Awareness we are slaves of our minds and of our environment and we live and die without Awareness. Awareness can be trained through meditation, awareness is not something you either have or don’t have it is a practice, like classical conditioning.

Awareness is the seed from which manifestation occurs. Awareness of Awareness will lead to inner peace and outer peace, Awareness comes before and after Awareness and Awareness is the future and past.

Awareness is not a philosophy or a concept it is an experience, an insight into what we truly are Consciousness. Awareness goes beyond thought, concepts, and structures Awareness goes beyond duality to Oneness.

Live authentically

Awareness Creates Expansion

When we talk about creating higher vibrations and becoming conscious, the biggest key is awareness.   You may be familiar with the saying that “awareness is all there is”.  Awareness is the foundation for everything else.

There are many ways to practice expanding awareness, but one of the simplest ones is through breathing. When you are aware of your breath, you are absolutely present at this moment. Your attention becomes drawn to the present experience, and your mind quiets down.

If you want to master your anger, greed, desires, or food obsessions…Be aware! Bring more awareness into your life, and notice how things change.

Awareness is the key to an amazing life.  If you are aware, you are more powerful than all of your problems!   Awareness is what allows us to break free from our past traumas, fears, bad habits, addictions, doubts, etc.

The word awareness means “alertness” or “consciousness”.  The word is used as a noun, but it is also a verb.   In other words…Awareness means becoming more alert and expanding your consciousness.

Awareness creates expansion because it brings you closer to the present moment. The present moment ALWAYS contains more energy than yesterday’s past or tomorrow’s future.

Awareness brings more connection, love, joy, and peace because you are aware of what is actually happening at this moment…not in the past or the future.

Be more alert! Be conscious of yourself and your surroundings! There is so much beauty around you that you may be missing.  If you are not in the present moment, life has a way of sneaking past you without you even noticing.  When you become more aware, life becomes much fuller and more enjoyable!

The opposite of awareness is to live on autopilot, being so caught up in thoughts about the future or dwelling on the past that we don’t notice what is happening right in front of us.

More Ways To Expand Your Awareness

There are many ways to practice expanding awareness, but one of the simplest ones is through breathing.  Many spiritual traditions use breathwork as a way of expanding consciousness (which is another term for awareness).  When you are aware of your breath, you become absolutely present at the moment.  Your attention becomes drawn to the present, and your mind shuts down.

When you first start practicing expanding your awareness, it may be a little challenging to notice those moments. You can do something as simple as counting your inhales and exhales..counting up to 10 breaths in a row before starting over again at 1.

Or another simple practice is to put your attention on the experience you are having during your inhalation and exhalation. Notice those small sensations as you inhale and exhale.

It’s good to know that anyone can easily expand their awareness, no matter who they are or where they come from. If you want to master anything in life, of course, it helps to be alert and conscious.  When you are aware of your breath, your body, feelings, and emotions…you can master anything!

Try This…

Take a moment right now to look around the room that you’re in.  Notice all the details, and pay attention to how you feel.  Notice your body, your breath, the sounds that you hear, the light that is around you, etc.

Expanding awareness can be as simple as noticing what’s happening at this very moment. Once again…it’s always here! And it’s always now! The past and future are not real or tangible things.

Life doesn’t have to be so fast-paced or complicated! If you are aware, you will see that life is amazing, peaceful, and simple.  As long as you are here…life can be whatever you want it to be.

Expanding awareness allows you to create the reality that you wish to live in.  As you become more aware, the desire to expand will be within you automatically.

If you want an easier way to feel better about your life and community, try noticing the abundance around you (especially when it seems like not much support is around).  None of us are alone in this journey!   We need each other to grow and to feel supported.

Conscious awareness

You can become more aware of your breath, body, emotions, life situation…anything! The first step is being aware that you have the ability as a human being to expand your awareness into all areas of your life.  The second step is to actually do it.

Just by reading this article, you have expanded your awareness!

Final Tip:

If you are in the past or the future, you are in the mind. When you are in the now, the mind cannot exist, only awareness!!

Thank you for reading!  Please share this to inspire others. 🙂 If you are interested in expanding your awareness and Self-Mastery…Join our program today to work one-on-one with me!!


What is the opposite of awareness?

Living on autopilot, dwelling in the past and future. Identifying with the egoic mind.

How to expand my awareness?

Set a reminder on your phone, every hour or when you sit down to meditate. Pause and notice what’s happening at that moment!

Can everyone expand their awareness?

Yes- It is not complicated, it only takes the willingness to be present at the moment.  It helps to practice being aware of something so it becomes habitual.

I’m aware of everything but I still don’t feel the changes it tells me what I need to do.

You may just need more time for this process. When you’re patient and willing, it will come naturally! 🙂

What can we expand awareness about?

Any aspect of life is fair game! 🙂 The goal is to expand consciousness, and get closer to your authentic essence! 🙂

I keep going in the past or future when I try to be aware of my breath. What do I do?

When you get distracted by your thoughts, shift back into paying attention to your breath instead of following each thought.

What’s the difference between awareness and mindfulness?

Awareness is just noticing, and mindfulness is the willingness to stay in the present moment and notice all that you can! It’s amazing 🙂

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