Living Paycheck to Paycheck? The Abundance Mindset Hack You Need!

Abundance Mindset

What is An Abundance Mindset? Let’s Explore and Shift Our Paradigm!

Have you ever been to a nice restaurant, had an incredible meal, and left feeling great about everything? But then when the bill came for whatever reason it seemed overwhelming.

Did your mood change immediately from happy excitement at first glance over what looked like just being perfect until disappointment set in on account of the price tag??

Scarcity thoughts can affect our daily lives as those negative thoughts can lead to emotions that can trigger a scarcity mentality whether we realize it or not!

On the contrary, have you ever gone to a restaurant where for whatever reason it didn’t seem like an ideal place but when you got your meal, even though not everything was perfect there, something about it made you feel good?

You are more likely to keep positive moods if you are in ‘Abundance’ mode rather than ‘Scarcity’ mode!

Maybe it’s because of how comfortable you were, or maybe the meal was just good, but for whatever reason, there was something about that meal that made you feel happy.

And chances are your thoughts might have shifted to “I can’t believe this is only $5” or “Wow, I feel very lucky right now” or “I’m so happy for this meal right now” etc…

Did you know that can be applied to your life? Do you think happiness may be attainable by just shifting our thinking to a growth mindset? Does it sound too far-fetched or maybe just plain “out there”? Well, think again and read on!

An abundance mindset is a way of living one’s life. It’s about focusing on what we have instead of worrying about what we don’t or can’t have.

It’s about enjoying the here and now by being mindful of all the good that’s already in our lives. It’s about looking at life as a glass that is always half-full not half-empty.

This isn’t just some positive mindset philosophy, it’s a scientifically proven mindset! Researchers have shown time and again how cultivating the right mindset leads to greater happiness, more fulfilling relationships, more success in business, and better physical health (to name a few benefits).

For many years, I was living my life with a scarcity mindset. It wasn’t until one day that I finally realized that the lack of money, time, or love in my life would not change if I didn’t allow it to. It had dawned on me that I had the power to change my life by adjusting my thought patterns.

The more I practiced gratitude, the better I felt about myself and all of life’s possibilities…my whole mindset shifted.

The Abundance Mindset: Learn How To Live In Gratitude In 2022

This is What an Abundance Mindset Looks Like:

You are grateful for what you have instead of wanting more or better things to come your way. You realize that abundance is not about having ALL THAT YOU WANT, it’s about appreciating what you already have.

When you are grateful for what you have, it doesn’t mean that you are complacent but rather satisfied with your life as it is and optimistic about your future. You know that if some opportunities don’t work out the way they should, others will and you’ll be ready for them.

Reflecting on the theme of abundance and gratitude, here are some new concepts
scarcity vs abundance mindset

When you live in gratitude, your life is naturally abundant. You attract more of the things that you want and less of the things that don’t matter to you because everything will come at the right time and place. You would like to keep an abundance mindset every day! It’s very healthy and it makes you feel happy, free and prosperous.

When you stop wanting more and learn to be grateful for what you already have, your life becomes abundant in all areas: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. You begin to trust the Universe and your abundance mindset is very powerful!

Here are some abundance mindset exercises that will help you connect with your mind of abundance daily:

#1 A GRATITUDE JOURNAL. Make it a point to write down what you are grateful for every day! It doesn’t matter whether your list is short or long, the most important thing is that you do it regularly because it’s proven that gratitude journaling has some amazing benefits on your health and well-being.

#2 AFFIRMATIONS. Create a list of empowering affirmations that support your vision. For example, if you want to become an entrepreneur someday, an affirmation would be “I am an incredible businesswoman”, or something like “The opportunities are abundant for me” or “My new venture will be a success”.

#3 VISUALIZE YOUR ABUNDANCE. Picture yourself living the life of your dreams, with all you want in terms of money, love, satisfaction, and happiness. See yourself surrounded by abundance in every way… Allow this image to fill your mind! You must feel it as if it is already happening right now! Stay with this visualization for as long as possible and let your mind absorb it.

#4 A MEDITATION PRACTICE. Meditation is a great way to align yourself with the right energy so that you attract abundance in many ways. If you have never meditated before, it’s never too late to start! Start small…

Just 5 minutes a day, in the morning or before you go to bed. Go to your quiet place and focus on your breathing and nothing else, let all the fear leave you, and don’t worry about how it’s going because there’s no such thing as failure!

If you feel like you want to learn more about practicing gratitude and shifting into an abundance mindset, I have good news for you…I help people shift into their Abundance of unlimited opportunities!!

abundance mindset exercises

How To Shift Into An Abundance Mindset…

When you learn how to develop an abundance mindset, it will open up opportunities that were unknown before.

A scarcity mindset is one of the most common mindsets people have in today’s competitive world; however, by developing this other frame-of-mind called “abundance” where there are limitless possibilities at hand with anything ranging from what I’m currently thinking or feeling all way down into every cell within my body we can start opening doors previously locked due solely off their lack thereof (possibilities).

Evaluate Your Limiting Beliefs…

Limiting beliefs are like invisible chains that we wear on our bodies. They prevent us from living the lives of our dreams, but with a little understanding and practice in gratitude, they can be unlocked to help guide you toward what matters most: happiness!

We are all shaped by our experiences, which means that you can’t afford to let a fixed mindset get between yourself and what life has in store.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned over my years as an Embodiment Coach it’s just how important abundant thinking is for success – both personal AND professional! So make sure your beliefs serve YOU instead of holding back on this journey called “living”.

Program Yourself with Empowering Beliefs

Because our beliefs come in many different forms, unraveling their origin can be quite challenging.

Replacing them with healthier ones might seem difficult too; however, if you find your current mindset of gratitude is being held back by some limiting ideas then it’ll be worth investing time into understanding why so we might get rid of or modify these negative thoughts before they take hold fully again.

You can overcome your self-sabotaging beliefs by making a list of all the experiences you are thankful for and then practicing flipping any limiting belief that comes into mind into an empowering one.

As this process becomes more natural, adopting an abundance mindset will lead to greater happiness in life!

Change? Embrace It…

Life is full of surprises. There may be changes in store for us, but it’s our choice how we deal with them and what this means for the future hopefulness that lies ahead!

By deciding to focus on adopting an abundance mindset, you can avoid getting caught up in unexpected changes.

You can begin practicing gratitude by softening and letting these experiences happen rather than telling yourself that something has either been taken from or gone away forever; all it takes is one new experience for this attitude shift to occur!

As soon as we start expressing our thanks under difficult circumstances (whether they’re good ones or bad ones!), then eventually those feelings will become a habit, and who doesn’t want more good stuff around than bad?

Signs You Are Gaining an Abundance Mindset…

People with an abundance mindset believe that there’s enough for everyone, even if it comes to love or other life essentials.

When they see someone else being happy, they don’t feel the need to sabotage others. They just let it happen.

In a scarcity mindset, people believe there’s not enough of what they want and usually put up a guard to protect themselves from getting a reduction in resources.

If they find out someone else got something that they wanted, they might be jealous and spiteful. They may even try to sabotage other people’s happiness.

The Abundance Mindset is a “philosophy of possibility” that believes there is enough for everybody. It sees abundance in every challenge, opportunity, experience, and person. A person with an abundance mindset makes it his mission to give as much as possible and to make a difference.

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An Abundance Mindset wants others to Succeed!

People who are living abundant lives want others to succeed. They are not lusting over what other people have or comparing themselves to others. Instead, they are happy for others because:

1) everyone benefits when someone else succeeds!

2) there is enough for everybody!

When you see somebody succeeding, you’re motivated to do more. You feel more fulfilled.

There are so many opportunities…

People with a gratitude abundance mindset believe that there are enough opportunities for everybody if they want to pursue them. If someone else can act on something, then chances are it’s doable by you as well!

Are You Ready To Change How You Do Things?

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