12 laws of karma

Amazing 12 Laws of Karma: How To Create Your Desired Life!

What Are The Laws of Karma?

Karma is a powerful force, but it can be hard to understand and apply in your life.

The 12 Laws of Karma that we outline in this article will help you see how karma works in your life, so you can make the right choices and enjoy the good things that come back to you.

By applying these laws to your daily routine, you’ll notice an increase in positivity and happiness around yourself!

No matter what your beliefs are, karma is a part of your life. Whether you know it or not, there are 12 laws of karma working for you.

The 12 laws of karma are good. If you live by them, then you create more good things in your life, like more money and friends. This happens because of how the law works. Below is a list of what each law means and how to use its power, if you want to follow it.

12 Laws of Karma…Let’s Go!!

1. The Law of Pure Potentiality

The principle of Pure Potentiality is that a person’s energy comes from both potential and kinetic energy.

Every human has the full ability to use their mind, body, and spirit to manifest what they want from life. We all have dreams, goals, and inspirations. It’s important to make sure that we use these gifts and talents in a positive manner so that we can add to the community.

Once you understand this law, you’ll start to realize how powerful your mind really is. Thinking of things positively will have a better return than imagining negativity. This law is always working in your life- either for good or bad. It’s important to choose the good things in life because when you think positively, your mind will have a better time manifesting these things for you.

2. The Law of Cause and Effect

This law states that there is a cause to every effect, so be careful what you do in this world because it could come back to you! When you do something good in the world, it will be returned to you. When you do something bad in this world, it too will get sent back to you.

We all have lessons that we need to learn about life. Sometimes these lessons come easy and sometimes they are harder than others. You can guarantee that if there is a lesson you need to learn today, it will come at some point in your life. This law is perfect and it cannot be broken!

So if you know there is a lesson coming up for you, make sure you are ready to take the test. Once the cause has taken place, which means you have completed an action, then the effect will follow. Some people call the effect karma, but technically it’s just the law of cause and effect.

3. The Law of Least Effort

This law states that when you take action towards your goals in life, your results will come back to you with much less effort than used or required! Over time, if you continue to take action, you will get more. This is physics- the more you throw a ball in the air, the higher it will go.

Once again, this law cannot be broken! You might be thinking that people break this law all of the time by destroying their dreams and ambitions over time. However, these instances are not breaking the law, as it’s still coming back to them. They are simply making the least amount of effort possible- which is breaking this law entirely.

Take a look at your life from a higher perspective. Work hard towards what you want and be persistent in getting it! Your results will come back easily and with much less effort than required. Trust the law and you’ll be amazed at how it responds!

law of connection
Laws of Connection

4. The Law of Responsibility

This law states that every person is 100% responsible for their life, no matter what happens. Instead of blaming other people or things for your struggles, take responsibility so you can fix the situation.

If something bad happens to you, then it’s happening because it needs to happen at that moment in time. If this was true, then it would have happened no matter what. However, if something good happens to you, then this is also true. You created that moment of happiness and bliss with your own mind!

Every person on the planet gets many chances every day. If someone does something bad to you, it’s because you all are playing a universal game of chess. If someone does something good to you, it’s because you are learning lessons through them! It’s all about the game of life and how you play your cards.

The choices that people make in their lives will affect everyone around them. For example, if someone is rude, then this might spill over into other peoples’ days. If someone is not mean, then this might affect the whole environment. It’s important to keep in mind that your actions are affecting everyone around you!

5. The Law of Connection

This law states that you are all connected together from the same source. Your mind has been put into this world by the same universal source, which means that it can affect everything just as easily! If one person is thinking positively about a situation, then this law will connect them with others who will think positively too.

Think of this as a circle. If you send out positive energy, then the people around you will be affected by it and send back their own good energy to you! Be careful though with what thoughts you put into this world because they can hurt or help everyone around you.

Think of two cars driving on the highway at 80 miles an hour. If one car veers off into the other lane, then there might be an accident. If two cars veer off into each other’s lanes, then there will definitely be an accident! This is just like how your thoughts can affect everyone around you- if they’re positive, or negative.

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6. The Law of Force

This law states that everything in life has a certain amount of energy. When you put effort into something, it will have more energy for you to use! Once again, this is just physics at work- the more you throw a ball against a wall, the faster it will come back to you.

If people are not successful in something, it’s often due to not putting enough effort into it. For example, if you want a better relationship with someone and you only put one ounce of energy towards having that relationship, then your results will be just as poor. If you put ten ounces of energy into your relationship, however, then the results will come back to you much faster!

This law also applies to the law of attraction. If you only put one ounce of energy into manifesting your dreams, then it will take much longer for them to come true! If you put ten ounces into it, then your dreams can begin coming true in as little as a year or two!

7. The Law of Detachment

This law states that you must detach yourself from the things in life if you want to attract more of them. This means that instead of wanting something, you must let go and allow it to come into your life! You must release all thoughts of attachment or greed for that thing to be yours.

If someone has really strong feelings about something like money, they might have a hard time getting it. This is because if you want something badly, then you will attract the people and situations that will make it difficult for you to get what you want.

However, if someone doesn’t care about money at all and wants to be happy with who they are inside, then they will easily manifest money into their lives! This is because if you don’t want something, then all of the negative people and experiences will not affect you at all, which means that it will be much easier for you to manifest your dreams.

8.  The Law of Action

This law says that you get results by taking action towards them.

If you’ve heard of the saying “actions speak louder than words”, then you should know that this is true! Many people dream about what they want, but what good does it do? You have to take action in order for anything to happen!

People might say that they’re tired and that’s why they’re not taking action, but that’s a load of bull! You’ll feel energized after you take the first step- people would be surprised by how good they feel when they move forward.

This law goes hand in hand with goal setting. Once you set your goals, then you have to start working towards them. When you wake up every morning, tell yourself that today is the day! No more distractions or excuses- it’s time to really live your life.

Once you take action towards something, all of the laws will start working for you! This is why goal setting is important because it’ll guide you towards what needs to be done.

9. The Law of Giving

law of cause and effectThe law of giving states that if you want to receive, then you must give. If someone wants something, but they don’t help out in getting it themselves, then this thing will be harder for them to receive.

If a father works hard all day long and brings home a lot of money for his family to survive on, but spends all this money on toys for himself, then his family will have a much harder time surviving! However, if he were to go and help someone in need or give any amount of money to a charity, then his karma would be much more positive.

If a woman wants a man to fall in love with her but she keeps him at arm’s length all the time, he will be much less likely to fall in love with her. However, if she were to start giving him more attention and affection then their relationship would become much stronger!

10. The Law of Change

The only constant in life is that it changes. Change can be both positive and negative, although most people tend to experience more negative changes than positive ones.    If you are not happy with your life as it is now, you can use the Law of Change to create a positive new future for yourself.

11. The Law of Humility

The law of humility states that once you overcome your ego and become humble to yourself and others, then all things will start to happen for you.

If you’re not humble, this means that part of your ego is blocking the good things from happening in your life. This goes back to how we think- if we think positively, then good things will happen. If we dwell on the negative, disaster will strike.

We all have egos. The trick is to use them in a positive way, to create a balance, to have awareness of the healthy ego and not so healthy parts, see the ego for what it is so that you can get the most out of life!

Once you do this, then your goals and dreams will come true because you’ll be humble enough to realize that you don’t have it all figured out. It’s important to surround yourself with people who are at your level so you can both grow together. Be humble, so the universe can do the rest for you!

12. The Law of Abundance

This law challenges us most in our life when we feel like there must be a shortage in our lives or we wouldn’t be experiencing a lack of something we desire. You can overcome this law by learning to recognize that we live in an abundant Universe and that there is plenty for all, and that you will not go hungry today if you plant seeds and trust the Universe to provide what you sow. If Abundance is where you feel you are in lack, check out this video and see if helps you. I have personally heard amazing feedback from the Abundance Manifestor Program!!

Final Thoughts…

We’ve laid out 12 laws of karma that will help you understand how karmic law works in your life, so you can make the right choices and enjoy the good things that come back to you. If you want to know more about how conscious awareness plays into this theory, we encourage you to join me for a 1 on 1 coaching session!!

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