Maybe You are a Reptilian Starseed? 13 Signs, Traits & Soul Mission

reptilian starseed

Reptilian Starseed is an advanced race of beings that come from the Draco constellation. They are a Starseed type that is often drawn to Earth to help with the evolution and advancement of the human race.

While there is a dark side to the Reptilian race, higher-dimensional Reptilians are a force of good. They are 5D evolved and motivated by their desire to save and heal the world.

As a result, they often find themselves in positions of power and influence. However, they must be careful not to abuse their power. Otherwise, they risk undoing all the good they have done.

Reptilians are said to be wisdom keepers and old souls. They are here to play a role in helping us remember our connection to nature and the Universe.

Some believe that they come from a time before the Earth was ravaged by war and pollution and that their destiny is to help us remember our connection to nature and the Universe.

They are said to be wise and benevolent beings, but some believe that they are here to enslave humanity.

Whatever their purpose, it is said that they have a lifespan of thousands of years and that they incarnate lifetime after lifetime to help guide us on our journey which started billions of years ago.

Where Do Reptilian Starseeds Origin?

Reptilians are star-born souls that have incarnated on Earth in human bodies. They come from all over the Universe, from different star systems, planets, and galaxies. And while they are here on Earth, they have a frequency to attain.

Reptilian Starseeds originate from the Draco star system. The Draco star system is located in the constellation of Orion. The Reptilian race is an ancient race that has been around for billions of years. They are a warrior race and are experts in hand-to-hand combat. They are also shape-shifters and can take on human form.

Reptilian Starseeds are here on Earth to help us raise the consciousness of the planet. They are here to help us remember who we are – infinite beings of light having a human experience. They are here to help us connect with our star family and fulfill our destiny as Galactic citizens.

The early reptilian influence brought and still does pose a lot of danger. The earlier influences carry a reputation for causing tyranny and chaos over many lifetimes here on Earth.

Are You a Reptilian Starseed?

There’s a theory that some people on Earth are aliens from a reptilian race. The theory goes that the reptilian race needs human bodies to survive, so they’ve taken over human bodies and are masquerading as humans.

This might explain why some people seem to be devoid of human emotions like empathy and compassion.

There’s a theory that some people on Earth are aliens from a reptilian race. The theory goes that the reptilian race needs human bodies to survive, so they’ve taken over human bodies and are masquerading as humans.

This might explain why some people seem to be devoid of human emotions like empathy and compassion. (Dark Reptoids)

There are believed to be thousands of Reptilians on Earth at this very moment. These magnificent beings are natural healers and are often drawn to alternative healing modalities such as energy work, herbs, and crystals.

They’re also highly intuitive and psychically talented. They are here to heal and reverse the acts and behaviors of the Dark Reptilians that walk amongst us.

Through their healing work, they are helping to bring light and love into the world and returning us to our natural state of balance and harmony.

reptilian starseed traits

Can Reptilian Starseeds Be Evil?

There are a lot of talks these days about Reptilians, both the negative and positive aspects. Some say that they are purely evil beings who are responsible for all the pain and suffering in the world. Others say that they are here to help us evolve and reach our full potential. So, what is the truth?

There is no doubt that some members of the Reptilian race can be extremely psychopathic. They can cause wars to create riches and destruction in the name of greed, create diseases and viruses and then release them into society, and bring great suffering in attempts to slow down the ascension of human consciousness.

However, there are also Reptilians who are of higher dimensional frequency and who are here to help us reveal the shadows and raise the veil.

These Reptilian Starseeds are working hard to raise our consciousness and restore peace on Earth. They are fighting against the influence of the Dark Reptilians to help us evolve and reach our full potential as human beings.

So, whether you believe in them or not, it seems that the Reptilians are here to stay. And, ultimately, it is up to each one of us to decide which side we will align ourselves with. Will we choose to follow the path of destruction, or will we open our hearts and minds to the possibility of a better future? The choice is ours.

Who Are The Dark Reptilians?

There is a long-standing battle between the reptilians and the dark reptilians that has been waged since the dawn of time. The reptilian is an expert warrior and has been fighting the dark reptilians for eons.

They are here to help us free ourselves from the deception and enslavement that the dark reptilians have imposed on humanity. The reptilian Starseeds are extremely powerful and are working tirelessly to restore peace and balance to our Earth.

They are fighting an uphill battle against the dark reptilian shapeshifters, but they are making progress. We must open our hearts and minds to their assistance to defeat the dark forces that seek to control us.

At this point, it has become evident who the dark reptilians are on this earth currently. They are in leadership positions and are accumulating wealth rapidly. The issue is they use their bloodline and instill their knowledge into their offspring to continue carrying out their mission to control planet Earth.


Think you might be a Reptilian Starseed?

If you’re drawn to this topic, you are likely of Starseed origin. There are certain giveaway signs that you can look for. For example, do you feel attracted to the numbers 3 or 33?

Do you find the color green calming? Do feel a kinship with reptiles? If you answered yes to any of these, you’re likely a Starseed.

Trust your gut; if you feel in your heart that you are one of these unique beings, then chances are high that you are correct. Starseed Soul’s mission is to bring light and healing to a world that is often mired in darkness and pain.

You’ll know in your heart if this is your calling. Follow your intuition and don’t be afraid to let your light shine bright. The world needs your gifts now more than ever.

13 Signs You Are a Reptilian Starseed on Earth:

If you’re wondering if you might be a Reptilian Starseed, here are some signs, traits, and soul missions that may indicate it.

1. You feel a deep connection to tropical reptiles, snakes, and dragons both in appearance and energy.

2. You’re often drawn to ancient civilizations and cultures and often feel a strong connection to them.

3. You have a deep interest in understanding the universe and its mysteries.

4. You’re highly intuitive and have strong psychic ability.

5. You’re a natural leader and often find yourself in positions of authority.

6. You’re fiercely independent and often prefer to work alone.

7. You have a strong desire to protect the planet and its inhabitants.

8. You’re a master of self-discipline and have a high level of self-control.

9. You’re extremely loyal and protective of your family and friends.

10. You have a very powerful and commanding presence.

11. You’re often mistaken for being cold or unemotional, but you have a very deep capacity for love and compassion.

12. You’re wise beyond your years and often offer sage advice to others.

13. You live by your code of ethics and morality, which is often at odds with mainstream society’s values.

Reptilian Starseeds Soul’s Mission and Purpose.

As a reptilian Starseed, you have incarnated from a high-vibration race with the mission to help heal the planet and the universe.

You may have come off as cold, serious, aggressive, and domineering, but this is only because you are fiercely protective of those you have unconditional love for.

Your purpose is to reverse the negative influence and history of past low-vibration Reptilians. You have a strong duty to help in the evolution of Earth by awakening the consciousness of humans and spreading unconditional love.

As we evolve and become more conscious, we will be able to heal the pollution and destruction that have been inflicted on our planet. It is your purpose to lead the way in this evolution.

A Final word from Create Higher Vibrations

Reptilians are a race of beings that come from distant stars and galaxies. They have many dimensions. Some people think they are misunderstood, but others think they are very destructive, chaotic, and ruthless.

But, as we have seen, not all Reptilians are bad. Many of them are good, and kind, and want to help humanity heal and evolve.

There are evolved 5D Starseeds on Earth who are fighting hard for our healing, elevation, and success.

As one of them, you might find yourself drawn to leadership, politics, technology, science, architecture, or analytical fields.

You are here to help others remember who they are and what they are capable of.

You are a powerful being with a great mission. Embrace your inner reptilian and let the world know that not all of them are bad. We are here to help!

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