Experience 5

1 Live Video Session weekly or bi-weekly

(This is for Men who grew up without a Father)

  • Weekly check-ins and accountability and more.
  • Dealing with Parental Alienation.
  • Learn to be present with your children.
  • Heal the wounds from your own Fatherlessness.
  • Deep life-changing distinctions, practices, and daily rituals to enhance life.
  • Text and Email Support

Original price was: $99.00.Current price is: $65.00.

This Program is for Those Who Grew up Fatherless.

Whether You are a man or woman, if you did not have your father in your life as a child, it is affecting many aspects of your life as an adult. The sessions in this experience are meant to directly focus on the internal beliefs that have accumulated from not having the experience of a father in your life. Through these sessions, we will break the life cycle of suffering that plagues those who grew up without a father and we stop passing the burden on our children.

Some of The Things We Will Cover…

  • See Your Experience Clearly
  • Let Go of Resentment
  • Gain Understanding
  • Rebuild Self-Worth
  • Let Go of all old Stories and so much more!
  • Remove Your Parent from The Role of Parent and get to know them as a Person. (If applicable)

I have been in your shoes, let’s get started today!

The Cycle of Suffering Stops!