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  • Sale! Self Growth to Self MasteryAbundance Mindset

    Self Mastery


    The key to self-mastery is aligning actions and thoughts with the person you really are. Start now by taking the first step towards being more of who you truly are!

  • Empowered Empath


      Let’s Get Started Today! This option gives you 2 installments of $388.50 over 2 months. With this option, you can make one payment of $777.

  • Narcissistic abuse recovery

    Narcissistic Abuse Recovery


    NARCISSISTIC ABUSE RECOVERY Let’s Get Started, Today! In this 8-week Narcissistic Abuse Recovery Program, we become best friends as we walk through the fire together and embark on the healing journey. The goal of this program is to have you see clearly what you experienced, why, and how to move beyond into a place of…

  • Conscious Parenting Coach

    Conscious Parenting


    Conscious Parenting is a complete paradigm shift from the way traditional parenting is done.